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Government, unions and Guardian glass factory management meet to save 200 jobs

In 2020, the owners of the Guardian glass factory have decided not to replace the main kiln in Dudelange. In doing so, they endangered the Bascharage commune. For its inhabitants, the factory was one of the main jobs. Since then, the situation around it has been heating up. And relations between the factory management and workers have deteriorated. Repeatedly, both sides threatened each other with mass layoffs and strikes.

Government, unions and Guardian glass factory management meet to save 200 jobs

On Monday, August 22, the problem was finally solved. A tripartite meeting was held between the government, trade unions and the management of the Guardian factory. As a result, the participants signed a plan to preserve jobs.

The new agreement covers the period from September 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024. During this time, workers at the Dudelange plant are guaranteed to keep their jobs. And already in 2023, the Guardian will also build a new modern furnace. After the expiration of the agreement, it will guarantee the stable operation of the glasswork enterprise for several decades to come.

Before the construction is completed, the plant is restructuring production. Part of the staff will be transferred to part-time employment, but none of the 200 workers will lose their jobs. Trade unions and the government are pleased with this outcome. Guardian management has so far refrained from comments.


Author: Danila Pushnoy

Source: L'essentiel

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