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How a start-up can find space to work

Renting an office is expensive, especially when your start-up budget is very limited.

How a start-up can find space to work

A young start-up with no investment or minimal assets often finds rents in Luxembourg prohibitively high. It’s possible to rent an office cheaper in remote communes. But this may not be rational from the logistics’ point of view. There are several recommendations from companies that have gone through this.

Unused premises of other companies

Not the most obvious solution. However, in reality there are quite a few such offices. Especially if employees work remotely. This option is also convenient because the space is often already furnished. Rent doesn’t bite either. Usually, companies that offer their office for temporary accommodation simply want to compensate for losses, and not make money on it. In addition, such a lease frees the startup from long-term obligations.

Coworking spaces

Coworking is good because it does not require strict long-time contracts. Today you work at a public coworking space, tomorrow you don’t. And you don’t need to pay for the time you’re away. Coworking spaces in Luxembourg are actively developing right now. They offer their customers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the environment that is closer to business. This can be useful not only in terms of productivity, but also in terms of finding new customers and partners from among other visitors.


Author: Danila Pushnoy

Source: Silicon Luxembourg

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