Industrial workers will lose bus routes in February

Buses to industrial enterprises will stop running on February 12, 2023. This was announced by the Ministry of Transport on Friday, December 2. But some companies learned the news at the end of November: the Ministry of Transport sent them emails.

Industrial workers will lose bus routes in February

Of course, the abolition of buses is inconvenient for employees of these enterprises. Since February, they will have no public transport for getting to work and back home. The OGBL stood up for them. The trade union cited a survey of workers, which shows that most of them use public transport.

The Ministry of Transport counters that buses are almost never used. On average, 15–16 people travel any one route per day. Most of the routes have less than 10 passengers daily. And to maintain these routes, the state spends almost 5 million euros a year.

Given this data, the cancellation of routes is almost certainly a settled issue. But it’s likely the union will negotiate alternative transportation for workers.

Routes that will be canceled:

  • 10U Roodt/Syre (Z.I.) — Gilsdorf — Diekirch;
  • 13U Erpeldange — Colmar/Usines-Roost;
  • 14U Asselborn — Colmar/Usines;
  • 15U Troine — Clervaux — Colmar/Usines — Bissen/ArcelorMittal;
  • 16U Rodershausen — Colmar/Usines;
  • 17U Clervaux-Hosingen-Stolzembourg/SEO;
  • 20U Reisdorf — Steinsel Z.l.;
  • 21U Echternach — Colmar/Usines;
  • 40U Contern Village/Contern ZI — Sandweiler Gare;
  • 50U Bettembourg, Gare — CFL Multimodal — Eurohub;
  • 60U Niederkorn-Esch-Dommeldange-Steinsel Z.l.;
  • 61U Rodange-Dommeldange-Steinsel Z.l.;
  • 70U Rodange- Steinfort — Colmar/Us.