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Minimum wage revised by the European Union

On September 14, the European Parliament adopted new rules for the formation of the minimum wage.

Minimum wage revised by the European Union

The minimum wage will now be formed to provide «a decent life for workers». This will take into account the local standard of living. 505 deputies voted for the changes, 99 were against, and 44 abstained.

The second point of the new directive was to attract more workers into trade unions. But only for the unions that currently encompass less than 80% of the total workforce in the field.

Luxembourg, along with Germany and Ireland, has one of the highest minimum wages. €2313.38 for unskilled workers and €2776.05 for specialists. However, back in June, Statec published a study that shows the real spending level of the population. The minimum budget per person, including daily expenses and durables, is €2356 per month. Single women spend on average €2318 monthly, childless couples — €2950.

In addition, fewer people in the Grand Duchy join trade unions. In 2019, only 25% of all workers were in unions.


Author: Danila Pushnoy

Source: Delano

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