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QWEST hip hop festival to be held at Rockhal Club in November

Rockhal and Konektis Entertainment will host the first QWEST hip-hop festival as part of the Esch2022 program. It will take place on November 5th at the main hall of the Rockhal in Esch-Belval. The festival starts at 19:00.

QWEST hip hop festival to be held at Rockhal Club in November

Last year, the QWEST Challenge online campaign rallied Luxembourg’s hip-hop community despite the covid pandemic. Now its participants will be able to meet in reality.

Fifteen rappers, including stars from the German and Luxembourg hip-hop scene, will be delivering great bars at the Rockhal. The poster for the festival looks like this:

  • 19:00 — DJ DEE (LU)
  • 19:45 — The QWEST Digital Challenge winner
  • 20:00 — LAYLA (DE)
  • 20:45 — SIXO (LU)
  • 21:00 — OG KEEMO (DE)
  • 21:45 — TURN UP MAN TUN & Co (LU)
  • 22:00 — SYMBA (DE)
  • 23:00 — STAYFOU (LU)
  • 23:30 — YUNG HURN (AT)

Guests will also find a variety of entertainment, surprises from the world of fashion, delicious food and much more.

Before the festival, the organizers held a QWEST Freestyle Challenge. Every rapper in Luxembourg trying to break into the mainstream could record his or her freestyle on pre-created beats and send the recording to the competition. Last year, more than 40 novice performers took part in it. QWEST Freestyle Challenge 2022 ended yesterday, September 30.

The winner will be announced during the festival and he or she will be able to perform on the big stage. The winner will also receive tickets to other concerts at Rockhal, access to the club’s creative studio and rehearsal rooms.

You can find out more about the festival online.


Author: Danila Pushnoy

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