Luxembourg16 september, 2022

Be careful with text messages and emails from Uber

The New York Times reports that the transportation giant has been cyberattacked and hacked. However, Uber itself hasn’t confirmed this yet.

Be careful with text messages and emails from Uber

According to the NYT, the hacker was able to impersonate an Uber IT specialist and obtain the username and password of one of the employees. This gave him access to all the company’s tools. In 2016, the American giant was already hacked and covered it up to avoid litigation. This time, screenshots proving the veracity of the NYT statements are already actively circulating English-speaking Twitter.

According to Bleeping, the hacker gained access to the personal information of both drivers and customers. It isn’t known how he will use it. So don’t reply to or click on Uber messages or emails. Also, don’t forget to change your password in your account and make it as complex as possible.


Author: Danila Pushnoy

Source: Paperjam

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