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Luxembourg will continue to develop railway transport to reduce its carbon footprint

On Thursday, November 17, Minister for Mobility François Bausch arrived in Madrid on an important visit. He met with Isabel Pardo, President of the Spanish Railway Administration. At the meeting, they discussed the future of railway transport in the region.

Luxembourg will continue to develop railway transport to reduce its carbon footprint

At the center of the discussion was the TEN-T (trans-European transport network) agreement. This agreement is the basis for the creation of “railway motorways” throughout Europe to ensure rapid and sustainable mobility.

François Bausch stressed that replacing highways with these railroad motorways is absolutely essential if Europe really wants to meet the terms of the “green deal” and reduce the regional carbon footprint. Luxembourg itself continues to develop its railway network year after year. The Grand Duchy already has a mobility development plan up to 2035.

Spain is also taking the transition to rail mobility seriously. The country has replaced rails at all major railway junctions with rails of a common European standard in order to ensure rail traffic safety in the region. During the meeting, Isabel Pardo noted that Spain is seeking Luxembourg’s support in the transition to ERTMS – the European Train Traffic Management System.

After the meeting, François Bausch attended the Marquis de Villalobar awards ceremony held in Spain by the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. This year, the National Railway Company of Luxembourg received the award for the creation of a railway linking Bettembourg with Barcelona 3 years ago.


Author: Danila Pushnoy

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