Luxembourg13 september, 2022

State Health Reserve open for volunteers

Now both support staff and people of any profession can join the health reserve.

State Health Reserve open for volunteers

The pandemic has clearly shown that the national reserve should not be limited to medical workers. Isolation, the need to care for a large number of patients and the elderly have clearly shown the demand for caregivers, housekeepers and other such professions.

Therefore, the government decided to open this reserve for all volunteers. Now doctors will be able to focus on their direct duties, leaving the solution of related issues to assistants.

Anyone can register for the health reserve through the Guichet and GovJobs portals. Registration does not require verification through LuxTrust. In addition, these duties are completely voluntary. That is, any registered user decides for himself whether to accept a job offer or not.


Author: Danila Pushnoy

Source: Chronicle

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