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Hotels in Luxembourg closing due to high energy prices

Gas and electricity prices continue to rise. During the autumn-winter season, restaurants and hotels need constant heating. Together, these two facts mean that not all hotels will be able to stay open until next spring.

Hotels in Luxembourg closing due to high energy prices

Many of these establishments are decades old. And they are heated in the old ways. For example, using expensive fuel oil.

Then there are pleasant excesses like outdoor pools. Even the state cannot support them in the current environment. Hotels, moreover, cannot afford to constantly heat a large amount of water throughout the cold season.

Hotel and restaurant kitchens are also energy-intensive and expensive. Cooking in Luxembourg is still often done with gas. Because of this, dishes become more expensive – by 50%, and sometimes by 100%. To save gas, the owners of eateries and hotels have already begun to massively buy wooden pallets for heating.

And those who can afford it hire energy consultants. In the next few years, they should help make the HoResCa sector profitable again. Despite an energy crisis.


Author: Danila Pushnoy

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