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About us

Founded in 2021 in Luxembourg City by Daniil Kirikov, Luxtoday started as a platform offering current updates and insightful articles about life in the Grand Duchy, aiming to simplify integration for newcomers and present residents. Today, we've grown and changed, but our core values and dedication remain in place.

Our Story

Let's start with numbers. We're a budding startup residing at the House of Startups, supported by the Luxembourg City Incubator. Our articles are read by an average of 60,000 people per month. All these results have been achieved in just 18 months of project existence.

While we've expanded our English content, Luxtoday remains popular among the Russian-speaking community, especially newcomers from Ukraine and Russia. They actively engage with our Luxtoday Chat: with our readers' support, we've become one of the most vibrant communities on Telegram, boasting over 1,000 active community members and 3,000 channel followers.

In the summer of 2023, the Luxtoday website experienced a significant design update, making navigation and pages more responsive to contemporary needs and brand-new content. The project prioritized creating adaptive guides for both citizens and businesses in Luxembourg.

The Political Guide, our most recent offering, showcases the Luxtoday team's dedication to enriching Luxembourgish society and promoting democratic principles. Designed to educate the Luxembourg public about the imminent October elections and subsequent ones, the guide received notable recognition. The Prime Minister of Luxembourg himself expressed his appreciation during his visit to the Luxembourg City Incubator, the home base of the Luxtoday project team.

Our Mission

At Luxtoday, we're committed to providing relevant and comprehensible information. In a world awash with content, we stand out by being adaptive and clarifying. Our aim is to seamlessly connect theory with practical application. We actively gather the latest information and partner with key players in society. Leveraging their insights, we craft guides that address real-life problems.

In the future, we aspire to expand to other countries, with Germany being our next target. Under the banner of Relotech, our goal is to introduce adaptive guides in numerous countries, simplifying integration for all.

Contact us

We are available by e-mail at editorial@luxtoday.lu