How to become a cyclist in Luxembourg

This guide answers the main questions: How and where to buy a bike? How to ride safely? How to avoid getting a fine? And most importantly: where can I enjoy riding in Luxembourg?

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Bicycling in Luxembourg is not only a healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transport. It is also a way of life here. The bicycle movement is supported by the government, the public and has been growing rapidly in recent years.

Buying a bicycle in Luxembourg is a fairly simple task that does not require a serious investment of time. It is not a car that needs to be registered, insured, officially commissioned and so on.

A cyclist only needs to get a bike in any legal way and buy the necessary equipment. There are three ways to do this: buy a new bike, get a second-hand bike or rent a vehicle for a short period of time.

Buying a new bike
Buying a second-hand bike
Rent a bike

Once you've made your choice, don't forget the basic protective gear: kneepads, helmet and gloves.

Although bicycles are lightweight and relatively safe, there are certain rules to riding a bicycle that are best not broken.

Requirements for the bicycle
Equipment requirements
Traffic rules and other regulations
Transportation and parking regulations

Luxembourg is ideal for cycling. Yes, there is no such mass craze as in Denmark or Holland, but it is almost impossible to walk down the street and not see cyclists.

The country is perfect for both leisurely urban promenades and tough multi-kilometre rides of varying difficulty. Of course, different goals require different levels of technical and physical fitness. However, if you decide to try your hand at sport biking, be sure to check out our specialised article.

Biking In Luxembourg: renting, trails and festivals for cyclists
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Of course, in addition to the many trails, Luxembourg also hosts regular festivals for cycling enthusiasts.

Ironman cannot be called a purely cycling festival. Most often these events are organised in the format of a triathlon, where participants are offered speed races, as well as running and swimming trials.
Cycling Summer, as the name suggests, is already fully dedicated to the cherished theme. The festival was born in 2020 and is only growing in popularity with each new season. There are trails for cyclists with different training, and on weekends they even close off motorways so that no one can disturb the festivities.
Tour du Duerf
An interesting national game similar to the Tour de France. All municipalities participate. Participants register on a website and mobile app. In the same app they indicate the distance travelled by bicycle and receive points. The municipality with the most points wins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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