How to park your car in Luxembourg

In this guide, you will learn how parking works in Luxembourg, what you have to pay for parking time and how to park for free.

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Luxembourg is famous for its well-developed road system and free public transportation. However, a significant proportion of the population still uses cars. For this reason, the country has a large number of parking lots, but the way they work may surprise the untrained driver.

There are a lot of parking lots in Luxembourg. The largest ones are usually located in various shopping centers, but there are also many other places where you can leave your car.

parking spots offered by Belle Étoile
parking spots offered by Cloche D’or
parking spots offered by Cactus Bascharage
parking spots offered by Glacis place 

If you need to park for a short period of time, the mall is ideal. If you need to leave your car for a longer period of time, it is better to go to a specialized parking lot. The nearest one is easy to find on online maps.

There are three types of specialized parking lots in the Grand Duchy.

Street parking lot

This type of parking in Luxembourg is managed by the local authorities. On-street parking in the Grand Duchy is usually available for a short period of time. The cost may vary depending on the location and time of day. And in the capital, the period and the fee depend on the parking zone.

Indoor parking lot

This type of parking is available in garages and underground parking lots. Typically, covered parking is more expensive than on-street parking, but provides more security and convenience. Parking fees are calculated based on the length of time and location.

Park and Ride

This is a special type of parking lot, usually located outside or on the outskirts of cities. It offers motorists a place to leave their cars and transfer to public transportation.
Parking attendant

This is a service offered by some hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. When parking, the driver gives the car keys to an attendant who parks the car in a designated parking lot. The cost of this service depends on the location.

Paid parking is the norm in Luxembourg, but residents of the country can still park for free. But only for a limited time.

It is quite realistic to park your car and not pay for it, even if it is not in a mall parking lot. If you have a passport or residence permit, you can get a special sticker.

A vignette is a prepaid permit that allows you to park for free in certain areas/streets. You can also get a vignette at your place of residence and you won't have to pay to park there. A vignette is a small piece of paper that is placed under the windshield so that the front is clearly visible.

There are 3 types of vignettes
Issued for 12 months. 1st year — 0 euros, 2nd year — 60 euros, 3rd year — 120 euros.
Valid for 20 days while the annual vignette is being prepared.
Valid for 3 months. Cost 16 euros.

How to get a vignette

  1. Apply online or offline

    You can apply for a vignette online at the vdl website or in person at 98, rue Auguste Charles, L-1326 Luxembourg. Tel: 4796-2312.

  2. Prepare your documents

    You will need: a copy of the vehicle registration document (carte grise), matricule ID number (13 digits, found on the residence/work permit).

  3. Get a temporary vignette

    A 20-day vignette is valid as long as a permanent vignette is produced.

  4. Get a permanent vignette

Parking discs are issued together with the vignette and are only valid in conjunction with it. They are a cardboard rectangle with a rotating disc on which you have to enter the time — either the time of arrival at the place or the planned time of departure from the parking lot.

Parking blue disc. Photo for Luxtoday

Be sure to place the parking disc on the windshield inside the car so that it is clearly visible.

Luxembourg City parking discs are white. They are only valid in the capital and entitle you to free parking in the city for up to 2 hours.

Blue disks are valid everywhere outside the capital (white disks are invalid). Blue disks can be bought in some shops and at ACL.

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The price of parking in Luxembourg varies according to the type of parking lot and the location. In the capital, two factors determine the price and the maximum time allowed for parking, if it is not free:

Color zones

Short-term (⚪️ white, 🟠 orange), medium-term (🟡 yellow, 🟢 green) или long-term (🟣 violet). 

A vignette for residence

A special document for citizens and expats with a residence permit. You can obtain a vignette by following step 3 of this guide.
Parking zones
Zone colorZone typeAllowable parking timeCostWorking timeSpecial terms
WhiteShort-termto 30 minutesfreeMon to Sat 8:00 to 18:00
OrangeSnort-termto 2 hours2 euro / 1 hourMon to Sat 8:00 to 18:00
YellowMedium-term3-5 hours for roadside; 5-10 hours in car parks1 euro / 1 hourMon to Sat 8:00 to 18:00Residents with a vignette have access to free and extended parking.
GreenMedium-termto 5 hours2 euros for the first 3 hours and 1.50 euros for the following hoursMon to Sat 8:00 to 18:00For residents with a vignette is free of charge.
VioletLong-termto 10 hours50 cents / 1 hourMon to Sat 8:00 to 18:00
How to pay for the parking

There are two ways to pay for the use of a parking space:

  • Use a parking terminal, which can be found in almost every parking lot. They accept a special token or an electronic Minicash card.
  • Using the Indigo Neo application. This is a fairly new project, so it may have some minor bugs. However, the app allows you to pay online without leaving your car.
  • Sometimes you can pay from your mobile phone using the Call2Park service — all you need to do is send an SMS with your car number and credit card number.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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