Luxembourg's official bank holidays, weekends and weekdaysLuxembourg's official bank holidays, weekends and weekdays

The official calendar for 2023

All you need to know about holidays in Luxembourg


Bank holidays in Luxembourg

Luxembourg's national holidays affect the ordinary life of the Grand Duchy.

There are 11 statutory holidays in Luxembourg. Of these, 8 have a fixed calendar date and 3 have variable dates.

Most shops, museums, exhibitions, banks, and other places will be closed on public holidays. All arrangements should be made provisionally.

Luxembourg national holidays calendar for 2023

New YearJanuary 1
Easter Monday*April 10
Labor DayMay 1
Europe DayMay 9
Ascension*May 18
Trinity Monday*May 29
National DayJune 23
AssumptionAugust 15
All Saints' DayNovember 1
ChristmasDecember 25
St Stephen's DayDecember 26

* holidays with unique dates for each year (i.e. depending on Easter) are highlighted.

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Learn more about holidays in Luxembourg β†’

New Year

πŸ—“ 1.01.2023

New Year's Eve in Luxembourg is held on the night of December 31 to January 1: it is celebrated much more modestly than catholic Christmas.

  • You can typically see local residents launch fireworks and flares around midnight at designated locations where municipalities have lifted the ban on pyrotechnics.
  • The holiday is traditionally celebrated among family members with a festive dinner. However, many people also go out for a walk on the city streets.

Easter Monday

πŸ—“ 10.04.2023

In Luxembourgish society, Easter is celebrated in both religious and secular circles.

  • It is quiet in Luxembourg during Holy Week. Traditionally, the main cathedral bell is sent to Rome to confess its sins.
  • Religious celebrations take place during Easter and attending mass is the usual custom. Meanwhile, kids and adults alike have Easter egg hunts.
  • The Emaischen Festival, a traditional local market, takes place on Easter Monday: special little clay birds called PΓ©ckvillercher can be found there.

In 2023, Easter in Luxembourg will fall on the 9th of April and Easter Monday β€” on the 10th of April.

All you need to know about Easter in Luxembourg
All you need to know about Easter in Luxembourg β†’

Labor Day

πŸ—“ 1.05.2023

On May 1, several thousand people throughout Luxembourg traditionally take part in demonstrations organized by Luxembourg's largest trade unions, the OGBL and LCGB.

  • These festive manifestations are meant to be a reminder of the struggle of the free trade unions for the social gains for all.
  • By weaving wreaths of green foliage in towns and villages people mark the arrival of spring and the beginning of the sunny season.
  • On this occasion, you can present a lily of the valley sprig to your loved ones.
What Labor Day is like in Luxembourg
What Labor Day is like in Luxembourg β†’

Europe Day

πŸ—“ 09.05.2023

This is a relatively new holiday in Luxembourg. It is therefore too early to talk about established traditions.

  • Europe Day was celebrated for the first time in Luxembourg on May 9, 2019.
  • Festive-themed events will take place around the country and in the capital.

In 2019, this day has been declared a public holiday and an official day off.

How Europe Day is celebrated
How Europe Day is celebrated β†’

Ascension Day

πŸ—“ 18.05.2023

The Ascension of Jesus is a national holiday celebrated on the fortieth day after Easter. This is a statutory weekend in Luxembourg and it is accompanied by a traditional church service.


Trinity Monday

πŸ—“ 29.05.2023

Pentecost Monday, Spirit Day, or Pfingstmontag are all the names of the one holiday that is celebrated on the fiftieth day after Easter.

  • The symbol of the holiday is the dove, which is seen as a sign of the descent of the Holy Spirit to earth.
  • To symbolize the arrival of spring, it is customary to decorate houses and churches with flowers and bright greenery.
  • Churches hold a celebratory mass on this day.
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Learn more about Trinity Monday β†’

National Day of Luxembourg

πŸ—“ 23.06.2023

One of the major public holidays. Luxembourg's National Day was historically considered to be the birthday of the Grand Duke. Although no sovereign was born on this date, the holiday was definitively established on June 23 in the middle of the last century.

  • Typical formal celebrations take place in the capital: ceremonial changing of the guard, torchlight procession, parade, and fireworks.
  • Concerts, performances, and other cultural events are held across the country.
What to do on the National Day
What to do on the National Day β†’

Assumption Day

πŸ—“ 15.08.2023

The Assumption of Our Lady Virgin Mary is a religious holiday and an official day off. Shops, banks, schools, and most businesses are closed.

Luxembourg has a very strong tradition of devotion to the Virgin Mary:

  • Statues of Our Lady can be found in alcoves in buildings throughout the capital.
  • In honor of the Virgin Mary, a two-week octave holiday is celebrated.
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Read more about the holiday in our article β†’

All Saints' Day

πŸ—“ 1.11.2023

This holiday is marked on November 1 and is closely related to the Commemoration of the Deceased Day, which is right next to it, on November 2.

  • During All Saints, it is common to visit the burial places of friends and relatives to honor the memory of the deceased.
  • Traditionally, a church service is held on All Saints' Day.

November 1st is a public holiday when people can rest. However, this does not apply to November 2nd.

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Read more β†’


πŸ—“ 25.12.2023

In winter, Luxembourg celebrates its main festive event β€” Christmas. Preparations usually start well in advance: the Luxembourg Christmas season traditionally kicks off in the second half of November.

  • The capital city is decorated with colorful Illumination during the Winter Lights festival.
  • Various Christmas fairs, street plays, parades and concerts take place throughout the Grand Duchy.
Celebrating Christmas in Luxembourg
Celebrating Christmas in Luxembourg β†’

Saint Stephen's Day

πŸ—“ 26.12.2023

Another public holiday in Luxembourg, which is celebrated right after Christmas. Similarly to December 25, the following date is non-working.

  • In Luxembourg, the celebration has a religious rather than a secular nature.
  • In some other states, you can hear the name Boxing Day, which is more or less common.
St. Stephen's Day celebration
St. Stephen's Day celebration β†’