Business & Economy26 september, 2022

LuxAir employees beat the corporation

Employees’ morning strike and the unions’ hard work paid off. Monday morning began with LuxAir employees marching to the Ministry of Transport. The procession blocked traffic on the Red Bridge, and it wasn’t in vain. The airline management agreed to:

LuxAir employees beat the corporation
  • abolish partial unemployment,
  • complete the job retention plan,
  • maintain the possibility of early retirement for 44 people in the 1966 age group;
  • unfreeze salaries starting with January 1, 2023.

This is the result of a productive dialogue between the airline and the unions. The latter finally succeeded in canceling the most unbalanced decisions of the first tripartiate meeting. LuxAir must make the next move. In order to realize its promises, the company will have to significantly modernize its business. For example, focus on a less resource-intensive fleet.

Changes also await LuxCargo. The company’s cargo contract is about to expire. There is suspicion that LuxAir may put its cargo division in a European tender.


Author: Danila Pushnoy

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