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Accounting jobs in Luxembourg

Learn the ins and outs of accounting positions, the education and skills required, and job opportunities in the country

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The accountant plays a pivotal role in businesses and liberal professions, serving as a crucial cog in their operational machinery. The primary mission of an accountant is to manage the financial records of the company, a task that varies significantly based on the company's size and the associated division of responsibilities.

What is the job of an accountant in brief?

Accountants may work for multiple small businesses within an accounting firm. In such cases, accountants maintain relationships with client companies that have entrusted part or all of their accounting to the firm. Under the supervision of a certified public accountant, they handle social, accounting, and tax-related responsibilities. In larger firms, accountants may develop specialized expertise in specific areas.


In smaller enterprises, accountants wear multiple hats, often reporting directly to the business owner. They handle various responsibilities, including recording financial transactions, preparing the annual balance sheet and income statement, and managing payroll and tax declarations.


In larger enterprises, the work of accountants becomes more specialized and hierarchical. These corporations usually maintain their own accounting department, where accountants operate under the guidance of a chief accountant, service manager, or accounting director. In large enterprises, accountants often focus on specific areas of accounting such as client accounts, supplier accounts, payroll, recovery, or analytics.
Pros and cons of working as an accountant
In the world of finance, it is an important role and has to deal with money and the implications of transactions and taxes, which can be an interesting and rapidly evolving sector
Usually, accounting professionals have a solid base of clients as they grow in experience and in the profession. Therefore, they work closely with people
The profession allows many specializations to be pursued and explored for workers who are interested in specific areas and want to dedicate themselves to some of them
Accounting requires a rigorous regime and discipline, a high level of attention, and the skills of caution, vigilance, and more
Still, for some people, the parts that require communicating with people and building deep trust can be challenging
For some, the job can become routine and less fulfilling over time, especially if the person dislikes paperwork

Requirements and training needed to work in the accounting

To embark on a career as an accountant in Luxembourg, obtaining the requisite diplomas and certificates recognized by Luxembourg authorities is imperative. The educational journey involves rigorous and specialized training in the realms of accounting, taxation, and finance.

There are various educational paths in Luxembourg, ranging from a +2 to a +5 level, providing opportunities to apply for different positions based on the duration and type of training pursued.

How to study in Luxembourg as a foreigner?
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Short studies (Bac +2)
Intermediate studies (Bac +3)
Extended studies (Bac +5 and more)
Primarily, certain skills beyond the educational landscape are crucial:
Strong and various base
Profound knowledge of accounting, tax, and legal standards, including labor law, company law, the Public Procurement Code, etc.
Regulations compliance
Proficiency in European and international regulations, vital for companies engaging in international business
Precision and analytical thinking
Great precision and good organizational skills, as well as understanding the client's or company's strategy to create a well-balanced forecasts
Stress and workload management
Resilience to stress, especially during the financial year-end closure period, and ability to work autonomously with excellent interpersonal skills
What it takes

The path to becoming an accountant in Luxembourg is diverse, offering numerous educational opportunities. Equipping oneself with both technical expertise and soft skills is key to thriving in this dynamic field and finding high accountant salaries in Luxembourg.

What kind of accounting jobs are there?

The accounting sector in Luxembourg offers a wide range of professional opportunities for both recent graduates and business school graduates, as well as experienced professionals. Given the abundance of job opportunities in this sector in Luxembourg, one can find employment in almost any area of the field.

Top-10 in-demand accounting specialisations in Luxembourg

Assistant Accountant
The role of an assistant accountant is to support the main accountant by assisting with processing and data entry operations. They contribute to basic accounting tasks and are also known as accounting assistants or auxiliary accountants.
General Accountant
General accountants are responsible for creating and regularly updating the company's accounts to provide financial statements at any given time. They synthesize documents for management, and they are also commonly referred to as accountants.
Accounts Receivable Accountant
Focused on the financial transactions with the company's clients, accounts receivable accountants ensure accurate record-keeping. They manage invoice processing and the general accounting of the company's clients and may also be known as accountants or accounts receivable managers.
Director of Accounting
The role of a director of accounting is to ensure the credibility of a company/group's accounts in line with the standards set by the leadership. They verify the work provided by accounting teams and may also be known as the director of accounting, director of accounting services, director of accounting and finance, or director of accounting and consolidation.
Accounts Payable Accountant
Accounts payable accountants concentrate on the purchases made by their company from suppliers. They handle invoice processing and general accounting.
Payroll Manager
A payroll manager is responsible for processing various administrative elements related to personnel, generating pay stubs, social declarations, inputting paid leave, and preparing payroll. They may also be known as payroll technicians, payroll assistants, or payroll accountants.
Management Controller
The role of a management controller involves constant verification of the company's budgets, creating forecasts, and developing relevant tools for monitoring.
Accounting Manager
An accounting manager not only produces but also oversees financial statements within the company. They contribute to managerial decisions through established tools and may also be known as a chief accountant, office manager, or administrative and accounting manager.
Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
CPAs control the accounting and tax elements for their clients, providing guidance on business management. After conducting a review of accounts, they present a management analysis to guide decision-making. It's crucial to note that CPAs do not certify the accounts; this is the responsibility of auditors.
Tax Accountant
Tax accountants handle all documentation and declarations for a company's tax obligations. Leveraging their accounting skills, they prepare, track, and verify documents required by the tax authorities, also overseeing payments. Their primary responsibility is to protect the interests of the employing company.
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What is the best way to start a career in accounting in Luxembourg?

The surest method that will not only provide you with employment, but also the opportunity for further growth and residency in the country, is to pursue higher education. The University of Luxembourg is known for its multinationality, advanced research areas and nearly free public education

While the cost of living in Luxembourg is relatively high, public university tuition fees remain reasonable. Notably, the University of Luxembourg, the sole public institution, charges a modest annual tuition ranging from 200 to 450 euros. This accessibility makes Luxembourg an attractive option for quality education without exorbitant expenses.
Blog article on studying in Luxembourg as a student

Blog article on studying in Luxembourg as a student

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Where to find an accounting job in Luxembourg?

If you're professional accountant and want to know where to find finance and accounting jobs in Luxembourg, we've got you covered. Here we'll answer your questions, explore the top job boards, highlight key companies in Luxembourg that are actively recruiting in the accounting field, and shed light on freelance opportunities.

Luxembourg establishments for accounting jobs

Luxembourg boasts numerous companies actively seeking professionals in the accounting sector. Here's a curated list of 10 such companies with links to their job offerings

BPCE Life is the Luxembourg-based life insurance company of Groupe BPCE, a leading French banking group. They design and offer life insurance and capitalization contracts to a wealthy and patrimonial clientele.
Vacancies for accountants in Luxembourg
WISAG Luxembourg
WISAG Luxembourg specializes in facility management, providing comprehensive technical and infrastructural services for commercial, infrastructural, and residential properties.
Vacancies for accountants in Luxembourg
Fiduciaire Jean-Marc Faber
Offering a complete range of services in accounting expertise, tax consulting, company domiciliation, and social secretariat.
Vacancies for accountants in Luxembourg
Located in Ettelbrück, EWA is the largest accounting firm in northern Luxembourg. Their multidisciplinary teams provide a wide range of services.
Vacancies for accountants in Luxembourg
Socipar S.A.
Socipar is a holding company managing commercial entities, including gas stations, real estate companies, and investment firms.
Vacancies for accountants in Luxembourg
BDO Luxembourg
BDO, a global audit and consulting organization present in 164 countries, offers services in audit, accounting, tax advice, financial engineering, human resources, and information technology.
Vacancies for accountants in Luxembourg
Northern Trust
A prominent American financial services company, Northern Trust has a presence in Luxembourg and consistently recruits professionals in vatious domains, including accountants.
Vacancies for accountants in Luxembourg
Known as the national savings bank of Luxembourg, Spuerkeess has a history dating back to the 19th century. It is owned by the state and plays a crucial role in national economy's development.
Vacancies for accountants in Luxembourg
Commission De Surveillance Du Secteur Financier
The CSSF is a Luxembourg public institution and the supervisory authority for the Luxembourgish financial sector, excluding the insurance sector.
Vacancies for accountants in Luxembourg

Job portals offering vacancies in Luxembourg

To navigate the job market efficiently, the internet is your best ally, hosting numerous job portals with thousands of job listings. These platforms allow you to filter job offers based on your preferred sector, location, educational level, or required work experience.

International job search
Among the international portals are (the European Union's portal),,,,, and
Job platforms for Luxembourg
For local opportunities in Luxembourg, prominent portals include,,, and Each portal offers a unique set of opportunities, allowing you to tailor your job search to your preferences and career goals.

Freelance option in accounting

By allowing professionals to set their own schedules and choose their own clients, freelance accounting offers flexibility and autonomy. The independence allows for a more diverse client base and the potential for a higher income. But freelancers face challenges including inconsistent income, the responsibility of marketing themselves, and managing administrative responsibilities.

In the complex field of accounting, successful professionals need extensive experience and knowledge to navigate the nuances of tax regulations, financial reporting, and diverse client needs. Independence can be rewarding. However, it requires a strategic approach, ongoing professional development, and a solid understanding of the nuances within the accounting landscape.

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Accountant's salary in Luxembourg 2024

In the initial stages of their career, accountants in Luxembourg, with one year of experience, can expect an average gross monthly salary of around 2,800 euros. This figure progresses, reaching an average of 3,400 euros after 5 years of experience. Considering all levels of experience, the average salary for an accountant is 4,600 euros per month, with a range spanning from 2,656 euros to 5,740 euros.

Average salaries for specializations and roles
RoleMinimum (euros)Maximum (euros)
Billing clerk2,1474,344
Junior accountant2,2634,857
Payroll clerk2,4375,586
Invoicing and payment specialist2,5595,653
Cost accountant2,6695,759
Assistant financial controller2,8906,528
Senior accountant3,2207,632
Chief accountant3,4797,679
Tax advisor4,2399,503

Specific areas within accounting display diverse salary intervals due to sub-branches, qualifications, and experience impact.

What papers do you need as a foreigner?

For European nationals, the process of working in Luxembourg is relatively straightforward, given the freedom to live and work in any European country. However, if you are not a European national, navigating the paperwork becomes essential.

The requirements vary based on your circumstances, distinguishing between employed and self-employed roles. Additionally, familial situations, such as having a Luxembourgish or European partner, can impact the process.

Common documents and prerequisites typically include
Collect the documents
These are the first basic documents one might need to apply for a work permit and temporary authorisation to stay.
*The mandatory items are marked with red asterisks.
Two fully completed Schengen visa application forms
Two recent identical passport photos
A copy of the passport
Proof of accommodation
An employment contract
Payment of the applicable visa fee
Collect the documents
These are the first basic documents one might need to apply for a work permit and temporary authorisation to stay.
*The mandatory items are marked with red asterisks.
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