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Source: Luxtoday

Source: Luxtoday

Life in the Grand Duchy does not stand still, and many amazing things happen every day. And of course, in the whirl of this lively life, it is easy to forget or miss something important. That is why we have created a special "Events" page to keep you informed about the most interesting events in Luxembourg.

Whether it's a world star concert or a football match, a marketing lecture or a sculpture workshop, there's something for everyone. Every week, our editorial team gathers all the important information about events in the Grand Duchy and publishes it in a concise and convenient format.

In the card of event you will find:
Address and phone number
Price of the ticket
Description of the event

To help you easily navigate, we've grouped events into categories: sports, music, movies, family events, and more. You can also quickly sort events by language or location. If you have already planned your leisure activities, our calendar will help you find all current events in Luxembourg on the selected days.

Luxtoday team is open for collaboration, we always welcome your ideas and suggestions. You can contact the team by e-mail: