Driving theory test in Luxembourg

Test your knowledge to successfully obtain a driving license

Classic exam mode

You will need to answer 20 test questions, just as in real-life exam.

Endless mode

Answer test questions until the first error. How far can you go?

This test is based on official questions published by SNCA. All rights to the test materials belong to SNCA.

Test your knowledge to successfully obtain a driving license

The preparation for the SNCA test encompasses learning the general traffic rules and memorizing the exam theoretical questions. For the latter, we offer an online simulator which models the real exam conditions. Our demo is as similar to the original SNCA theory test in Luxembourg as possible. To successfully pass the demo test, you need to get 90% of the questions correct in the classic mode, and all of the questions correct in the endless mode.

To obtain a driving license in Luxembourg, it is not enough just to pass the SNCA test. While this is an important step, it is not the one and only one.

  1. Firstly, you need to make sure that you are eligible to be a driver in the first place and fulfil the formal requirements: an appropriate age, and no harmful habits or chronic diseases.
  2. Also, you will need to choose a driving school: there are 40 accredited schools in Luxembourg, however, not all of them, for example, are teaching in English.
  3. Finally, prior to studying theory and taking the driver's theory test in Luxembourg, an applicant for a driving license must undergo a medical examination at the SNCA.

 You can only enroll in a driving school and take a theoretical course after fulfilling all these requirements.

At the driving school, students learn the traffic rules of the Grand Duchy – the Code de route – which are the basis of the SNCA theory test.

12 hours
is the minimum required for a new driver to qualify to drive a B-category vehicle
8 topics
for each a record of attendance is required, or you will not be admitted to the exam

Only after all the passes have been obtained can you register for the driving theory test at SNCA. It is worth studying the traffic rules and doing an online driving test beforehand.

Knowing the traffic regulations is believed to be the key to passing both the theoretical and practical driving tests in Luxembourg. To pass the SNCA theory test, you'll need a solid grasp of road signs (prescriptive, prohibitive, informative, etc.), priority rules, road marking requirements, and proper behavior in various traffic situations. The latest regulations are available on the official website of the Luxembourg Association for the Prevention of Road Accidents.

Luxembourg's Code de route can be purchased and studied online:
in English
in French
in German

The key to passing the SNCA exam is consistent practice. Utilize thematic websites for practice tests and explore self-testing options offered by some driving schools through apps and websites. Additionally, you can leverage our online simulator for driving exam preparation.

In Luxtoday's online driving theory test, you can:

Choose your driving theory test mode
Select a convenient language
Simulate the real SNCA test environment
Explore a user-friendly and intuitive interface

The SNCA theory test offers convenient formats to suit your needs: online with personal attendance, offline oral exams, and testing at your chosen center. However, eligibility requires completing the entire theory course at a driving school and achieving the required attendance marks.


You must inform the driving test center in Luxembourg in advance: at least one week before the date you have chosen. You can do this in three different ways.

At the official governmental platform you can take an appointment without the authentication at the website.
You can only make an appointment on weekdays, Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 16:30, by calling: (+352) 26 626 400.
Send an email to with all the required information.

Register for the SNCA theory exam in advance and be aware that it is only possible to take it at one of the three SNCA exam centers and only by appointment during the specified hours.

Arrive 10 minutes early for your Luxembourg theory driving test. This allows examiners to verify your documents and briefly review test procedures.

Bring these documents to your theory driving test
Something's missing
Make sure you obtain both documents
*The mandatory items are marked with red asterisks.
Valid passport or ID-card
Passport or national identity card, you must have your identification document with you.
Course completion certificate
Proof of completing the required theoretical lessons at a driving school.
Something's missing
Make sure you obtain both documents
*The mandatory items are marked with red asterisks.

If for some reason you fail to pass the test, you will have to repeat the theory course and take at least 6 full lessons. You will also have to pay another fee of 30 euros. Those who take the test for the first time do not have to pay, as the fee is usually included in the tuition price.

After successfully passing the theoretical test, you will receive a stamp to take back to the driving school. This means that you can start practical training.


Find step-by-step instructions on how to obtain a driving license in Luxembourg

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