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As you read our news on a daily basis, you may have wondered "who wrote that article" and "who is the author of that interview". It's time to get to know the team with a new update introduced to our website.

The profiles of Luxtoday's authors and editors have appeared on the site. Here you will find information about each member of the editorial team, as well as all the content they have contributed to the project.

An author profile includes

  • a photograph,
  • job title,
  • a short biography,
  • links to social networking sites,
  • a list of published items in various formats available on a single page.

For example, you can now find all the interviews by Aleksandr Titov on his page. You can also read useful guides by editor-in-chief Maria Ovseytseva, as well as articles and materials by Daria Saltykova.

Several articles have also been published by our new news editor, Kadriia Sadykova, who joined the team last week.

Convenient sorting

For ease of navigation, all the materials are grouped together. For example, you will find articles from the Knowledge Library and the Relocation Guide, interviews and news in the author's materials list.

If you're wondering what the team is up to beyond the project, subscribe to their social media pages!

The company's public image is very important, and who creates it if not the people who work on the product every day? The editorial team is now closer to you too.

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