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Collage by Luxtoday

Collage by Luxtoday

This month the Luxtoday team has prepared several interesting updates, one of which is the long-awaited French version of the website. Now our content, including blog articles and guides, can be read in French.

According to official figures, French is spoken by more than 300 million people worldwide and is one of the official languages of the Grand Duchy. In Luxembourg, it is spoken by the majority of the population: according to the Ministry of Education, around 98% of the population speaks French.

To support our French-speaking readers, we have launched the French version of the website: the most interesting articles and guides on the portal can now be read in this language, which is the mother tongue of many people. One of our most popular services, the tax calculator, is also available in French.

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We hope that the French version of the website will make the adaptation process more comfortable and understandable for cross-border workers in Luxembourg: it will be even easier to read our materials as French is the most widely used language in neighbouring Belgium and, of course, in France. It will also help those who intend to move from other French-speaking countries such as Senegal, India or Algeria.

Every week, we publish new content, translate the articles that are most popular with our readers and adapt the guides for a French-speaking audience. Luxtoday is preparing even more interesting updates for its readers.

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