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Preparing for a driving licence in Luxembourg is a complex and comprehensive process. Training at a driving school, theoretical test, practice, final exam.... Most importantly, the driver must study the Highway Code thoroughly in order to be prepared not only for the examiner's questions, but also for different traffic situations in the future. To make the process of studying the Highway Code as easy and convenient as possible, Luxtoday has developed an online test to practise before taking the theory test.

Our test is based on the official questions of the SNCA theory exam: the tasks are similar to those you may encounter during the official exam. Luxtoday's online simulator is available free of charge and without registration, and its user-friendly interface will delight users with its adaptability on a mobile device as well as on a computer or tablet.

We have tried to create conditions as close to the real exam as possible, but we have not forgotten that learning should be fun. That is why we have created two ways to pass the exam: you can choose between the classic and the unique endless mode.

  • Сlassic mode consists of 20 questions.
  • Endless mode allows you to answer questions until you make your first mistake.
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There are several categories of questions in the test, covering all aspects of the country's traffic rules, from types of road signs to the rules for crossing junctions. The service will help you to fully prepare for the SNCA exam and also allow you to be confident in your knowledge. The test results will show you where you got it wrong and what the mistake was!

The theoretical simulator is now available in English on the website. In the near future, we will also launch the French version of the test. We hope that Luxtoday's online road rules simulator will help drivers to feel confident before taking the test and to understand which questions they need to review before the test.

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