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Luxtoday is an online portal that covers more and more topics about living and working in Luxembourg. Every month we introduce new services, guides, hundreds of articles and with each update Luxtoday becomes more interesting and useful for our readers. And now it will be easier to leave feedback on our articles.

Today we are glad to announce a new way to contact the team if you find a mistake on the site. It is very easy to do: highlight the text where you found an issue. After that, a special button will appear. Click on it to leave your comments. The editorial team receives your message immediately and can edit it. The process is simple and intuitive:

  1. Highlight the text

    The part of the text where you notice an inaccuracy, a typo, or something that is unclear to you.

  2. Click the blue button

    It will appear below the highlighted text.

  3. Fill out the short form

    Describe the mistake or inaccuracy you noticed.

  4. Submit your feedback

    Once you have filled in the field, click the "Submit" button.


Try it now - highlight any text in any article and tell us how our new tool works!

Of course, this is not the only innovation we have prepared. Now we are preparing to launch two major updates at the same time. One is the French version of Luxtoday, and the other is another useful service that we will tell you about later.

To keep up with the news of the Luxtoday project, read the company's blog. And don't forget to follow us on social networks: there you will find the latest news and updates about life in the Grand Duchy.

Luxtoday team is open for collaboration, we always welcome your ideas and suggestions. You can contact the team by e-mail:

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Authors: Kadriia