News preview update: Luxtoday company blog

We have updated the format of news previews to make sharing publications in messengers and social networks even more pleasant.

News preview update: Luxtoday company blog

Our Telegram channel is an important means of communication between the Luxtoday team and our readers. There you learn about the most significant events in the world and Luxembourg without too much information noise. And you often repost, forward, like, and share our publications!

Now you can quickly navigate the content, and it's much easier to hook a digital pal with shared content. The most important information – the headline – is now displayed right on the photo.

The description of news has also become more apparent. The lead has turned into a summary with essential details: if you look "under the bonnet", you'll be surprised at how advanced artificial intelligence technology has become. As a startup, we like to try new things and test the advances of our peers in our work. Editors still proofread every ChatGPT-generated description, so there's nothing to worry about!

With each change, Luxtoday becomes more comfortable and exciting for you. Support our new previews with a reaction to your favorite post.