Summarising 2023

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On the eve of the New Year, it is customary to summarise the results, and we decided not to depart from this glorious tradition. Especially since a lot of interesting and very important things have happened over these 365 days, we hasten to share them.

New publications and services on Luxtoday

We have been actively publishing new content and launching new services. During this year we released:

  • Guides for business: 4 guides in Russian and 4 in English.
  • Guides for citizens: 11 guides in Russian and 12 in English. Of these, the political guide, which we prepared for the 2023 state elections, and the rental guide, which provides comprehensive information on renting a flat in Luxembourg, are particularly recognised.
  • Interviews: 22 in Russian and 19 in English.
  • Knowledge library materials: 256 articles, most of them 205 in English for the huge community that reads our content every day.
  • Services: 2 - holiday calendar and tax calculator in Russian and English.

Today we are read monthly by 77 000+ people of regular audience, most of which is English-speaking.

Portal redesign

Towards the end of the year, we undertook several ambitious and major transformations. One of these was a complete redesign of our portal. It is designed to simplify navigation and make it intuitive, improve the user experience of interacting with the site, and adapt the visual display of content.

New partnerships

Around the same time, we made a powerful collaboration with, the organiser of Unicareer, the largest job fair in Luxembourg. We became an official media partner for the fair and got our own banner space, which allowed us to make ourselves known throughout Luxembourg.

Active growth and support of the russian-speaking expat community

Many of these achievements would not have been possible without the active support from our expat Luxtoday Chat. It is constantly growing and already has over 1,860 members, whom we regularly turn to for advice and valuable insights.

This year we have received more than 200 email enquiries and about 90 requests to the editorial chat room in Telegram from people all over the world. People write to us from the EU, CIS, Asia, Africa and Latin America, and we always try to help and respond as quickly as possible.

200+ emails
How many answers and questions we wrote in 2023
≈90 requests
How many requests to the editorial chat room came in this year

New people also come to our other social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. For example, the number of subscribers in LinkedIn, launched this year, has grown 3.5 times, and the number of reactions has reached 13,000.

Thank you for spending 2023 with us! Thank you to every Luxtoday reader for your trust, support, advice and constructive feedback! Thanks to you, we are getting better. Stay with us in 2024!

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