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Source: collage by Luxtoday

Source: collage by Luxtoday

Every month, the Luxtoday team prepares guides on the most important topics. How to enroll your child in school? How to get or replace a driver's license? How to apply for a residence permit and what to do when it's time to renew it? Our guides are also useful for those who want to start or relocate a business in Luxembourg: we cover registering a company, hiring employees, opening a special bank account and much more.

These guides not only provide information described in simple and clear language. You can customize many of the guides to suit your needs by using our special filters. We're also constantly monitoring Luxembourg updates and getting feedback from our readers. This allows us to provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Luxtoday now offers hundreds of Blog articles to answer any question about Luxembourg and dozens of guides for businesses and residents to guide you step by step through the most complex processes.

Today, we present you with an editors' choice of guides that will make your life in Luxembourg easier and more enjoyable.

Top guides for those who are moving

One of the most popular ways to move to Luxembourg is with the Blue Card, a special way for highly skilled professionals. Of course, you can also move to the Grand Duchy on a regular work visa. But work is not the only reason to move. Here are some guidelines for those who have started down this difficult path.

How to move to Luxembourg for work purposes
The ultimate guide for those looking to relocate for work. Here you'll find answers to the most important questions and challenges facing expats: how to find a job, how to prepare documents, what to expect if you decide to apply for a Blue Card, and much more.
How to move to Luxembourg as a student
Despite its modest size, the Grand Duchy is home to several modern and prestigious universities. In this guide, we explain where to apply, what documents you need, how to apply for a visa, and what to do once you arrive in the country.
How to rent an apartment in Luxembourg
This guide will take you step by step through the process of renting an apartment or a house in the Grand Duchy. Here you will find descriptions of the neighborhoods and districts of Luxembourg, where to look for accommodation, what to expect in terms of costs and how the rental process works in the country in general.

Top guides for those who have already moved and are settling into a new country

Although the process of finding a job, getting a visa and renting an apartment may not be as urgent for those who have moved to Luxembourg, there are still a lot of questions and problems to solve. But this is not a big deal, because there is always an answer for our readers in one of our guides.

How to get a tax deduction in Luxembourg
In Luxembourg, there are a lot of possibilities for tax deductions, as well as many different benefits and conditions for receiving them. To fill out all the paperwork correctly and claim your refund on time, use our special guide.
How to enroll kids in daycare and school in Luxembourg
The process of enrolling your child in a kindergarten or school in Luxembourg may seem unusual, but it's not that scary. In this guide, we have explained what documents to collect, how to choose an institution and what inspections to prepare for. Use the special filter to customize the guide for your child.
How to buy a real estate in Luxembourg
This guide is for those who are ready to buy their own property. We will tell you about all the intricacies and pitfalls: what to expect in terms of costs, how to find your dream apartment or house, how to collect the right documents and how to check the contracts when signing them.
Luxembourg's culture and traditions
Rich in tradition and culture, the Grand Duchy can surprise even the most sophisticated traveler. With this guide, you can fully immerse yourself in this side of the country's life, learn about Luxembourg's most important festivals, what mythical legends live within the walls of the country's ancient castles, and most importantly - how to save money on cultural events!

Top guides for business

Luxembourg is rightly considered a tax haven: this is the opinion of both established business people and those just starting out. Here are some guides to help you start or develop your business in the Grand Duchy.

How to become self-employed in Luxembourg
This is a guide for those who have decided to become self-employed or to register as a private entrepreneur. This guide explains what documents you need, how to file them, where and why you need to register, and what taxes you need to pay.
How to register a company in Luxembourg
This guide is designed for those who wish to set up a company in the Grand Duchy or relocate an existing one. With this guide, you will be able to fully understand how to choose the right legal form of business, how to obtain a business license, what documents are required and how to open a special bank account.
How to pay business income tax
The tax system in Luxembourg can seem complicated and confusing to the unprepared businessman, and this is an important issue to deal with from the very beginning. However, this guide will easily help you to put everything in its place and deal with all the issues.

Of course, these are not all the guides you can find: more are available on our special citizen and business guides pages. New content is added every month, and a major guide on trade unions is currently under development: it will help workers in the Grand Duchy to choose the right organization and get help if their rights are violated at work.

Thanks to Luxtoday's active readers and their feedback, our guides are relevant and detailed. We write about what is important to our audience and try to solve real problems faced by Luxembourgers. You can leave your feedback at or on our social media - subscribe and become part of our friendly community.

Luxtoday team is open for collaboration, we always welcome your ideas and suggestions. You can contact the team by e-mail:

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