Available jobs in Luxembourg for April 24-30

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Available jobs in Luxembourg for April 24-30

Our weekly compilation of Luxembourg vacancies for the last week of April includes a variety of employment opportunities for those looking for a job in the Grand Duchy. Put together your application, your best resume and cover letter, and get a job with us.

Refugee Employment Specialist

The social organization RYSE is looking for a full-time employee to coordinate employment support and counseling for refugees in the Grand Duchy. The employee will be required to perform a variety of tasks:

  • connect people with local employers who have suitable employment opportunities,
  • identify eligible projects and participants and support them throughout the RecruitME process,
  • help with resumes and interviews, job skills training, and ongoing job search support.

The following requirements are specified for the candidate: experience in volunteer or social work, higher education in the HR area, and experience in the position of human resources specialist. Knowledge of the three official languages of the country is also required.

Bilingual Assistant

This is a full-time job for people who already have some initial work experience as a secretary. The main condition of the job is knowledge of French and German. But the duration of the offered contract is only 6 months.

The candidate will be responsible for billing, administrative support of work, preparing technical sheets and proposals, and managing schedules, mail, and phone calls. Requirements are as follows:

  • work experience of 2 years,
  • driving license,
  • fluency in French and German.


Amnesty International Luxembourg is looking for a full-time fundraising assistant (CDI) to engage, retain and increase the number of donors and their commitment to the organization. The organization is not affiliated with political or religious beliefs, it defends human rights in Luxembourg and around the world.

The candidate must first and foremost share Amnesty International's values and vision, as well as have experience in fundraising and direct dialogue with donors.

The assistant will work under the direction of the coordinator, collaborate with other team members, and communicate with his or her colleagues in the international secretariat and other sections. The tasks are many and varied, and details can be found on the job card.

The organization is looking for someone who can get to work as soon as possible. Send your application and cover letter by April 30.

Librarian at the University

The University of Luxembourg Learning Center (LLC) is looking for a specialist librarian for customer service. No experience is required, but a college degree (minimum 5 years) is needed, as is mandatory knowledge of English, and one other language of choice – French or German.

The job will involve welcoming guests and informing users of the center about the services provided, as well as participating in the improvement and development of various activities and improvements. The candidate will be involved in the maintenance of the center, keeping track of information in the catalogs, and doing a lot of creative tasks.

There are actually a lot of different tasks, you can find out more on the website where the vacancy was published. Send in your CV if the position seems interesting, maybe you'll get lucky!

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