IT in Luxembourg lacks 3600 qualified workers

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IT in Luxembourg lacks 3600 qualified workers

There are a 1000 more IT jobs available in the Grand Duchy after the pandemic. Of the 13 500 vacancies on the state job portal ADEM, about 3600 are related to IT. What the country lacks now are qualified workers.

About 550 young computer scientists graduate annually from Luxembourg’s universities. That’s not enough to satisfy the current job market demand. Even less so, if the Luxembourg IT industry continues to grow.

To expand the job market, the Ministry of Education has created the Digital Learning Hub in Belval. Since last May it has been offering varied computer sciences courses for all ages. With the School 42 program, this center promises to train a full-fledged developer in a year.

However, right now every single program on the DLH website is fully booked and not available to new students. It is unlikely that one such center will be able to train several thousand qualified workers in a short time. So the Grand Duchy will most likely also continue to look for specialists among cross-border workers and those who have recently relocated to the country.

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