83% of Luxembourg employers vote for remote work

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83% of Luxembourg employers vote for remote work

UEL conducted a survey among 1073 Luxembourg companies. It turned out that 83% of companies would like to give their employees the opportunity to work remotely several times a week, and to keep all their social guarantees and tax neutrality at the same time.

More than 40% of employers are not satisfied with the current legal system of cross-border work: the lack of legal opportunities for remote work in Luxembourg makes positions non-competitive among highly qualified applicants, for example, in the financial sector.

As a possible solution, companies promote the 2 days a week, when cross-border employees can work from home without affecting their tax and social benefits. UEL encourages the Luxembourg government to work in cooperation with Germany, Belgium, and France to clarify the legislation.

Furthermore, there are already precedents for such reforms: since January 1, 200,000 Franco-Swiss cross-border workers have been able to work remotely for up to 40% of their working hours without any change in the taxation on the income from their activities. Although the social security issue is still pending for them as well.

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