Underground mine tour in Upper Martelange

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Underground mine tour in Upper Martelange

Musée de l’Ardoise announced the opening of a new tour through an old mine. Now tourists can not only look at the architecture on the surface, check out the insides of a mining train or dine in the colorful local bistro, but also go down into a real old mine «Johanna».

The tour lasts 90 minutes. During this time, participants descend 42 meters or 373 steps underground. Audiovisual projections give an idea and understanding of the peculiarities of mining life. After all, shale mining was once in great demand.

Work on the renovation of the mine lasted 3 years and was greatly slowed down due to the pandemic. Now that it’s open, you can sign up for a tour by calling (+352) 23 640 141 or going to the website. Don’t forget warm clothes — it’s only +9°C in the mine!

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