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Cents: preferred by locals and well-connected to Luxembourg City

We’ll look at the neighborhood's historical evolution, diverse population, pros and cons of living here, transportation options, communal infrastructure including schools and cultural centers, healthcare facilities, local parks, and provide insights into the real estate landscape in Cents in Luxembourg.

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The Cents neighborhood, nestled in the eastern part of Luxembourg's capital, shares its borders with Neudorf/Weimershof to the north, Hamm and Pulvermühl to the south, and Grund and Clausen to the west.

General characteristics of Cents

Spanning both sides of the historic Rue de Trêves, a route connecting Luxembourg City and Trier, Germany, Cents boasts a predominantly residential character, catering especially to families. Its allure lies in the serene, green ambiance, providing a tranquil oasis in close proximity to the bustling city center. Notably, Cents claims the lowest percentage of non-Luxembourgish residents in the capital.

Population of Cents neighborhood

Until the 1960s, Cents remained primarily rural:

500 inhabitants
lived there in 1961
6,449 people
in January 1, 2023

Noteworthy is Cents' distinctive demographic composition, with 49.22% of its residents hailing from abroad.

Source: created with data from Ville de Luxembourg

Remarkably, Cents holds the lowest proportion of non-Luxembourgish residents in the capital, standing as the sole predominantly Luxembourgish neighborhood in Luxembourg City, in stark contrast to the citywide average foreign population of 70.82%.

Transport accessibility

Cents, nestled on the outskirts of Luxembourg City, offers a well-connected transportation network, facilitating seamless movement between the neighborhood and key city hubs. 

Let's explore the various modes of transportation available, each catering to different preferences and needs:

By car
Traveling from Cents to the city center, Gare, or the business district of Kirchberg is remarkably efficient, taking a mere 5 to 10 minutes, making car travel a convenient option for residents.
By bus
Cents is well-served by multiple bus lines (7, 14, 15, 25, 26, 29, and CN1), providing easy access to and from the neighborhood. Commuting to the city center or Gare typically takes 15 to 20 minutes, while reaching Kirchberg may vary from 25 minutes to half an hour, depending on your starting and ending points.
By bicycle
Embracing a bike-friendly environment, Cents encourages cycling as one of the most efficient transportation modes. Journeys to the city center, Gare, or Kirchberg can range from 10 to 20 minutes, offering a quick and eco-friendly alternative. In addition, four Veloh self-service stations are strategically placed throughout the district, offering residents the convenience of electric bikes for their journeys.
By foot
While walking within Cents is viable, covering longer distances to the city center or Gare takes approximately half an hour from the southern part and potentially up to an hour from the northern reaches. Even reaching Kirchberg, though nearby, may extend from half an hour to around 45 minutes.
By train
Cents boasts a significant advantage with its own train station, Cents-Hamm, significantly enhancing mobility for residents traveling beyond the capital.
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You can check the route of each bus line in detail on the interactive map provided by the city of Luxembourg and get detailed instructions to get from one point to another on their route planner page.

Additionally, an ambitious project is underway in Cents, aiming to link the neighborhood with the adjacent Neudorf/Weimershof through the construction of a 200-meter-long suspension bridge. Accessible from Cents via Tawioun Street, the bridge will connect to Rue des Bleuets in Weimershof. The anticipated completion date for this bridge is set for late 2025, promising enhanced connectivity and accessibility between the two neighborhoods.

The Cents-Neudorf-Weimershof footbridge, source: Paperjam

Renting and buying real estate

Cents emerges as one of the neighborhoods offering competitive rental rates in the city. However, the limited availability of rental properties in the area poses a challenge for those seeking housing options in this residential enclave.

For purchase prices stand at

12,452 euros/m2
for purchase in Cents
12,243 euros/m2
average in capital

For renting prices stand at

26.37 euros/m2
rent in Cents
30.72 euros/m2
average renting price in the capital

Infrastructure of the quarter

Cents offers a range of facilities and activities for leisure and recreation. There are playgrounds, sports fields for soccer and other sports, a tennis club, a petanque court and a unique playground with an aviation theme. The neighborhood also has a social center for various events and associations. For nature lovers, the neighborhood is surrounded by forests, parks and walking trails, making it an ideal location for families and those seeking a quiet, green environment close to the city center.

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Pros and cons of living in Cents neighborhood

Cents, primarily a family-oriented neighborhood, presents an idyllic residential setting with its verdant, tranquil ambiance just a stone's throw from Luxembourg's city center. The locale strikes a balance, offering an ideal living space away from the downtown hustle yet conveniently close. 

On the downside, public transportation relies solely on bus lines, lacking tram services. Additionally, residents may contend with occasional noise disturbances from aircraft traveling to and from the nearby Findel Airport. Despite these considerations, Cents stands as a desirable enclave for those seeking a peaceful retreat within reach of urban amenities.

Pros and cons
Close to city centre
Ideal for living
Green neighborhood
Lack of public transport variety
Noisy neighborhood of the airport
Medical and educational availability is limited

What can you find in this neighborhood of Luxembourg City

As a primarily residential enclave, Cents strikes a balance between tranquil living and essential amenities. While education and health facilities are limited, the neighborhood compensates with a strong focus on sports infrastructure, featuring the RM Hamm Benfica Football Stadium and the Institut National des Sports.

Schools, creches and education in Cents
Cultural Center
Healthcare in Cents
Cents' parks, nature places, and playgrounds
Sports infrastructure in Cents
Shopping in Cents

Historical overview

The origin of the name "Cents" probably traces back to a tax levied on tenants of the Fetschenhof and its fields, payable to the Abbey of Altmünster. Positioned on both sides of the historically significant Rue de Trèves, a route linking Luxembourg City to Trier since the Middle Ages, Cents played a role in the early 20th century as part of the former municipality of Hamm, merging with the city in 1920.

In 1937, the landscape transformed with the establishment of a monastery by the Carmelite nuns, but this move did not immediately alter the predominantly rural character of the area. Even as late as 1961, Cents remained a rural enclave, with only 112 houses. The urbanization of the neighborhood began in the 1960s with the construction of affordable housing in Cité Henri Frommes by the National Society for Low-Cost Housing. The first local roads were laid in 1962.

A significant milestone occurred in 1980 with the consecration of the Holy Spirit Church, the newest religious edifice in the area.


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We took photos from these sources: Unsplash, VDL, Google Maps, Spillplaz, Tennis Club Fetschenhaff-Cents website, INS website

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