Best posters exhibited at Luxembourg City Museum

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Best posters exhibited at Luxembourg City Museum

Best of Posters exhibition opened today, October 7, and will run at the Luxembourg City Museum until January 24.

There are more than 2500 posters in the museum’s collection, about 100 of them are on display starting today. These are a variety of posters from the fields of politics, government, art and advertising. Exhibiting only the most interesting examples, the museum shows the development of graphic design in the country and in the world.

Who chose the posters exhibited? Even in the era of digital media, the poster remains an important part of public spaces and seeks above all to attract the attention of the people. Therefore, before the exhibition, the museum chose 6 judges from among the visitors. It was they who determined which posters will be shown to the public.

The Luxembourg City Museum is located at 14 Rue du St Esprit (L-1475) in Luxembourg-Ville. It is open to the public on all days except Mondays. On Thursdays, the museum is open from 10:00 to 20:00, on other days — until 18:00.

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