What to do in Luxembourg during the weekend of August 27-28

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What to do in Luxembourg during the weekend of August 27-28

A fresh selection of the most interesting events this weekend.

Visit Esch 2022

The grand opening of the Esch 2022 project will take place just over the weekend. Here you can listen to concerts of local performers, which start at 14:00. For those not interested in music, there will be a laser cutting workshop, several gastronomic tents and a community garden open. Visitors will also be able to take part in several lectures and classes. We also recommend going on a geopoetic walk. The entrance is free.

Go on an excursion

A professional guide will take you around the Philharmonic. Here you can get acquainted with architectural delights and life behind the scenes. Tour dates are decided with the upcoming performances in mind. But you will still be able to meet artists and other staff. And if you’re lucky, you’ll even see a rehearsal. Each tour is available in French, German and English. The language is selected based on the group composition. You can sign up and learn more on the official website.

Practice languages

Knowing multiple languages ​​is one of the key aspects of Luxembourg life. However, theory alone is not enough; practice is also important. And that is what language exchange meetings offer. The next one will take place on Saturday, August 27. Finding someone to talk to with a similar language level or, conversely, an expert in order to upgrade your skills — it’s possible here. After the conversation, you can relax in a bar with new friends.

Go to a concert

On August 28, Bright Eyes will perform in Luxembourg. The concert will take place at the Den Atelier venue. “The music of Bright Eyes tries to unravel the insoluble tangles of thinking: personal and political, external and internal. This is an exploration of beauty in all its forms”, the organizers write. You can buy tickets for the music show from official sellers.

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