Climate change in Europe has broken an anti-record

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Source: Nikolas Noonan, Unsplash

Source: Nikolas Noonan, Unsplash

According to the latest report from the Copernicus Climate Change Service, last year in Europe wasn't just no better, it was even worse. While there was no heat wave as severe as in 2022, climate norms were exceeded in many ways.

For example, 2023 saw the largest wildfires ever recorded. They killed 44 people and caused significant property damage. The combination of high temperatures and significant rainfall also led to flooding. One-third of Europe's water bodies overflowed or flooded at various times.

Climate and weather in Luxembourg
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Floods can be considered the biggest disaster, affecting more than 1.5 million people across Europe. They also account for 80% of the total damage, which is estimated at 13.5 billion euros.

The flooding was also exacerbated by storms that killed 63 people.

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