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Фото: Sangria Señorial, Unsplash

Фото: Sangria Señorial, Unsplash

This week, the number of Blue Cards issued by the European Union was announced. Also, Italy officially registered a world record, and British scientists made a shocking discovery (again).

81,000 Blue Cards issued by the EU

This number is slightly higher: for 2022, the EU has officially approved 81,851 residence permits based on obtaining a Blue Card. It should be recalled that the Blue Card is a special type of residence permit for highly qualified workers. It is issued to specialists in certain industries with a legally defined threshold. The Blue Card gives the holder much more freedom than a regular work visa.

In particular, Luxembourg ranks 5th in Europe in terms of the number of permits issued, despite its small size:

  1. Germany. 63,242 Blue Card residence permits
  2. Poland. 4,931 Blue Card residence permits
  3. Lithuania. 3,924 Blue Card residence permits
  4. France. 3,876 Blue Card residence permits
  5. Luxembourg. 1,011 Blue Card residence permits

Germany continues to top the list, attracting the largest number of applicants. It is more difficult for the Grand Duchy because of its rather strict requirements for candidates (many vacancies require knowledge of several languages). It will be interesting to see the 2023 results when they become available and how the numbers change after Germany passes a new immigration law.


How to move to Luxembourg with Blue Card and regular work visa

The Italians made the longest cannoli in the world

The record-breaking tube is 21 meters and 43 centimeters long, more than 5 times longer than the previous champion. The previous record was only 4 meters.

The Giant Cannoli was created in mid-December 2023. About a hundred pastry chefs from all over the country worked on its preparation. The process was led by master pastry chef Lillo Defraia. Robert Sherman, a delegate of the Book of Records, came to record the result. He confirmed that 700 kilograms of ricotta had indeed been used for its intended purpose and presented the documents to the official committee. Once the record had been established, the giant tube was cut up and distributed free of charge to everyone.

Recently it was announced that the record is now official and the municipality of Caltanissetta (where the dessert was made) has made history.

The reason for the bad behavior of the dogs has been discovered

Not everyone will agree, but there are more than just good boys and good girls among wethers. British scientists have found that puppies taken in and raised during the pandemic are much more likely to show signs of distress and bad behavior.

Of the dog owners surveyed, nearly all (97%) reported that their pet showed signs of at least one problem symptom. By the time the dog was 21 months old, many of the owners reported as many as five disorders, and one in five reported eight or more.

A total of 24 problem behaviors were listed. These included hyperexcitability, anxiety, fearfulness, aggression, control problems, and increased attention. Experts also note that many of the owners admitted that they were training for the first time or using methods that experts consider ineffective, such as punishment.

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We took photos from these sources: Sangria Señorial на Unsplash

Authors: Aleksandr, Kadriia

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