Prime Minister Xavier Bettel visited the Luxtoday office

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Last Friday, a government delegation led by Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg Mayor Lydie Polfer and a representative of BIL Bank were guests at our Luxembourg office at House of Startups.

The political guide prepared by our team for the upcoming elections on October 8th caught the attention of the Grand Duchy's key politicians during their visit.

This comprehensive Luxembourg's Political System Guide is designed to help people make democratic choices. With the help of this guide, you can quickly find out who is who in the political arena, what the views of the different parties are, and whether you should expect any changes if certain candidates win. No one has ever done anything like this in Luxembourg, so we hope that readers will appreciate the guide.

The guide includes more than 30 articles on the country's political structure, parties, and key political figures in Luxembourg.

We have created the guide in English to make it accessible to the international community. We believe that this will not be a problem for our large multilingual audience and that you will enjoy reading the articles about politicians and parties, leading personalities and the balance of power in Luxembourg. Furthermore, we also hope that the guide will help you better navigate the country's rich and diverse political life.

Xavier Bettel personally viewed the designs and final results, which can already be seen on the website, and expressed his approval of the ideas and work done. "Congratulations!" — The Prime Minister added.

Today we are ready to present this guide to you. It contains all the latest information about parties, key figures and the political system. We welcome feedback and work with parties to create the most accurate guide for every voter. The guide is updated regularly. Take a look at our guide today.

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