Arctic Monkeys’ concert in Luxembourg

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Arctic Monkeys’ concert in Luxembourg

The English music band will perform in the Grand Duchy on July 4, at the Luxexpo Open Air. Following the release of their latest LP 'The Car', the musicians have announced a month-long tour of Europe, which will continue in Canada, the USA and Mexico.

The Arctic Monkeys were formed in Sheffield, England, in 2002. The quartet were inspired by The Strokes, who were hugely popular at the time, and have no idea of the influence they will have in the future. It is said that the members didn't even know how to play musical instruments when they started out. They literally played by ear. And they certainly had no idea that a couple of years later people would be crazy about their song '505'.

Romantic and lively band playing cheeky guitar music, rhythmic madness, but softly melodic songs that quickly find their way into the playlists. But it is not only the music that is the strong side of the band.

The hearts and minds are won by the poems of singer and frontman Alex Turner. His lyrics are melancholic but ironic, both romantic and sarcastic. He carefully integrates all the age markers like first mobile phones, popular TV shows (like 'Shameless' or 'Skins'), love texting, glamour, rhinestones on jeans. In short, everything that 'smells' and reminds us of the 00s.

Of course, their style and sound changed over the years. So fans are now divided about the new Arctic Monkeys album 'The Car'. It started with the release of 'Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino' in 2018. The band showed a new sound. It fits perfectly with the name of the album. It was retro and lounge-like. Turner started to explore psychedelic music, which had never appeared on AM albums before.

'The Car'

Turner has continued this sound on the new album, while using the sound of an orchestra. Like baroque works of art, 'The Car' becomes more interesting. He still keeps the retro vibe and makes the music album sound like a cinematographic one. As if you were listening to songs from a noir film, an old detective story, a drama or a musical from the last century.

The frontman tells the stories on the album. He's talking to his cheating lover in 'Body Paint', discussing the music industry in 'Big Ideas', sharing his existential anguish in 'I Ain't Quite Where I Think I Am'. Now, it's obvious that fans tend to stay away from their favourite bands experimenting. But it's time to admit that the Arctic Monkeys have embarked on a course towards a new and charming sound. And they do it pretty well.

So don't miss the chance to see them live in Luxembourg. Immerse yourself in the romance and charm of the Arctic Monkeys.

Date: July 4, doors opens 5:30 pm

Address: LexExpo Openair, 10 Circuit de La Foire Internationale, Luxembourg L-1347

Tickets are available on event's official web-site

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