«Carmen» on the stage of CUBE 521

«Carmen» on the stage of CUBE 521

Art, beauty, and passion that erase the boundaries. All of this you can find in the new performance of the world classics. The premiere of «Carmen», featuring performers from Luxembourg and stars of the National Opera of Ukraine, will take place on January 25 at the Cube 521 in Clervaux.

Carmen is not only a femme fatale. She is a symbol of mysterious love and one of the archetypes that make up much of Romanticist culture.

The artistic director of Luxembourg Ballet, Volha Kastsel, explains: «No one knows what love is, but we are all looking for it. Mérimée was the one who knew the most about this mysterious phenomenon. And because love remains an unsolved mystery, one way to comprehend it is not through science, but through art. This is precisely his aim - to make the one thing that gives meaning to life and the one that science cannot explain, tangible».

«Carmen» is a collaborative work between the Luxembourg Ballet, CUBE 521 Theatre Space, and Opderschmelz Dudelange. The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Luxembourg Choreographic Center TROIS C-L.

The tickets are available on the official websites: CUBE 521 and Opderschmelz Dudelange.