German band Die Ärzte performed in Luxembourg

German band Die Ärzte performed in Luxembourg

The Rockhall in Esch-sur-Alzette has once again welcomed a German band under its roof. This time it was Die Ärzte, a rock band from Berlin. They call themselves «the best music band on the planet».

Die Ärzte are frequent guests in the Greater Region. Almost every summer, they take part in music festivals such as Rock am Ring, where Die Toten Hosen, who recently played in the Grand Duchy, will also be performing. This year, however, the list of participants does not include Die Ärzte. The reasons are unclear, maybe the festival is already full of famous artists, or maybe the musicians have other plans.

What we do know is that you can see them at Southside/Hurricane Festival on 16-18 June and at Highfield in August.

Die Ärzte — German rock band from Berlin, founded in 1982. For more than twenty years active (the band took a break in the 90s) Die Ärzte released fourteen studio albums. Nowadays Die Ärzte consists of three musicians: guitarist Farin Urlaub, drummer Bela B and bassist Rodrigo González. They are also all songwriters and singers in the band.

There is a funny story about the band's name: one day, Urlaub and Bela B noticed that there was no vinyl under the letter «Ä» in the music store. So they decided to stylise their band name, the Ä to be precise, with three dots. The dots are also symbols for the three members of the band. Isn't that cool?

By the way, Die Ärzte like to play with their names. For example, they changed their name to «Die Köche» in 2007 to promote their new album «Jazz ist anders». The idea was simple: there was a pizza on the album cover, so the musicians cooked this album like the cooks make pizzas.

This band has rocked the socks off fans in Germany, Austria and Switzerland! They have even spread their wings to other parts of Northern Europe. Unlike their punk rivals, Die Toten Hosen, Die Ärzte are pretty much under the radar outside these countries.

Back in the mid-90s, they thought about an English-language album. Fast-forward to 2002, and they rocked Japan with a short tour and the release of a killer compilation of their latest jams. Two years later, they took their musical madness to South America for another mini-tour. These guys were on fire!

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