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Parking in Luxembourg: types, prices and popular locations

Luxembourg is a small country with free public transportation and a well-developed traffic system, which includes different types of parking. Whether you are a tourist visiting the country or a resident who lives in Luxembourg, it is important to know the types of parking lots available near you, how to find parking, the prices, and spots where you can leave your car.

Luxembourg parking overview

There are numerous parking lots in Luxembourg. The largest of them are usually located in various shopping centers, for example, the front parking of the shopping mall Belle Étoile can offer 3,000 parking lots, popular center Cloche D'or has 2,850 lots, Cactus Bascharage has 1,237 car spots, Glacis mall can take up to 1,000 vehicles as well as other places where you can park your car in Luxembourg.

The standard parking system in Luxembourg involves payment, but the Grand Duchy can also offer some free options.

Most of them can be found on the outskirts of the city, in the so-called Park and Ride spots. They are designed to help the city with traffic load by making it easier for drivers to switch to public transport, which is, by the way, free on the territory of the country.

The capital is divided into parking zones — purple, yellow, green, orange, and white labels determine the price and time available to park your car.

You can find information about available parking spaces in Luxembourg on the website of Luxembourg-city.

Types of Parking in Luxembourg

There are multiple categories of parking lots in Luxembourg. They can be divided into four groups.


This type of parking in Luxembourg is managed by the local authorities. The on-street parking in the Grand Duchy is usually available for a short period of time. The cost may change depending on the location and time of the day. Meanwhile, in the capital, the duration and the fee will depend on the chosen area.

An average cost ranges between 1 and 2 euros per hour, with a maximum daily rate of about 20 euros.


This type of parking is available in parking garages, parking lots, and underground car parks. Indoor parking is usually more expensive than the previous type, but it provides better security and comfort. Parking fees are calculated based on the duration of parking and location.

Usually, the cost is between 2 and 4 euros per hour, with a maximum daily rate of about 25 euros.

Park and Ride

This type of parking is supposed to encourage drivers to leave their cars outside of the city and use public transport.

  1. Park and Ride zones available in Luxembourg City:
    • P+R Bouillon,
    • P+R Luxembourg-Sud,
    • P+R Kockelscheuer,
    • P+R Cloche d’Or,
    • P+R Esch-Belval.
  2. Park and Ride zones available near the border of the country:
    • Esch-sur-Alzette,
    • Belval,
    • Audun-le-Tiche,
    • Hettange Grande,
    • Volmerange,
    • Metz Woippy, Foire expo, Rochambeau,
    • Elange,
    • Ottange,
    • Roussy le Village.

For the first 24 hours, Park and Ride is free for drivers.

Valet Parking

This service is typically offered by some hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers. When parking, the driver hands the keys to the car to the employee, who parks the car in the allocated parking lot. Valet fees depend on the particular location offering the service.

Payment can vary from 5 to 25 euros per day.

Parking prices in Luxembourg

The prices for parking in the Grand Duchy differ depending on the type of parking and the location.

Note that there are a few important factors that influence the price and the maximum allowed parking time on the streets of the capital city, i.e. the city of Luxembourg:

  • color code of the zone: short-term (white, orange), medium-term (yellow, green), or long-term (purple).
  • vignette for residents — a special tool for citizens and expats with a residence permit.

Parking zones

Zone colorTypeTime allowedPriceOpening hoursSpecial terms
WhiteUltra short-termup to 30 minutesFreeMon to Sat from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
OrangeShort-termup to 2 hours2 euros/hourMon to Sat from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
YellowMedium-term3 to 5 hours at the roadside and 5 to 10 hours at the parking lot1 euro/hourMon to Fri from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.Residents with the vignette have free parking available for a longer period of time.
GreenMedium-termup to 5 hours2 euros for the first 3 hours + 1.50 euros for each additional hourMon to Fri from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.Residents with the vignette have free parking
PurpleLong-termup to 10 hours50 cents/hourMon to Fri from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Resident Vignette

Residents of Luxembourg (citizens and residence permit holders) can get a vignette — a special permit for free parking in Luxembourg that works in specially designated areas.

A vignette is a prepaid proof that you are allowed to park for free in certain areas/streets. You can also receive a vignette at your place of residence and the parking will be free for you there. This document is a small paper card that you put under the windshield so that the front side is clearly visible.

There are three types of vignettes:

  1. Annual

    This type of permit is valid for 12 months. It is issued free of charge for the first year. The second permit will cost 60 euros, and the third one will cost 120 euros. You can't get more than three annual parking vignettes in Luxembourg, unfortunately.

    1. The annual vignette will indicate at the front of the permit:
      • the type — «stationnement résidentiel» (residence parking),
      • approval stamp with a signature,
      • Luxembourg city flag (lion in crown),
      • valid until in form of a month number and the last two digits of the expiration year, separated by a slash,
      • vehicle license plate,
      • the date from which the permit is valid, including day, month, year,
      • the validity period of the vignette, including day, month, year.,
      • serial number.
    2. The back of the permit

      This side has instructions on how to use the vignette right.

  2. Temporary

    This type of permit is valid for 20 days. A temporary vignette is necessary until the annual vignette is granted. When the fee is paid 2-3 times, the temporary permit will be replaced by the annual one.

  3. Visitors

    This type of permit is valid for up to 3 months and costs 16 euros per permit. They are issued in order to be used by visitors who, for family reasons, intend to stay in the resident's house for a long period of time.

    You can only get 3 of these permits per year, one vignette for the same visitor at the same address. In order to receive a visitor's permit, the resident must submit an application accompanied by all the supporting documents.

You can submit an application for a vignette online at the VDL website or in person at 98, rue Auguste Charles, L-1326 Luxembourg. Phone: 4796-2312.

You will need the following documents:

  • Copy of vehicle registration (carte grise).
  • Matricule number (13 digits, you can find on residence/work permit).


Parking discs are issued together with the vignette and are valid when combined with the paper.

It is a cardboard rectangle with a spinning disc, where you can set the time of arrival or the planned time of departure, depending on the type of the disc.

Be sure to place the parking discs against the windshield inside the car in a way that is clearly visible.

Luxembourg City parking discs are white, and they are only valid in the capital. They allow you to park in the city for up to 2 hours for free as long as you have a vignette.

Blue discs are valid elsewhere outside the capital, whereas white discs will not work. You can purchase the blue discs in some stores and in the ACL.

White disc Blue disc
Only valid in Luxembourg CityValid in all municipalities, other than the city of Luxembourg
Has writing «Heure de Depart» or «Departure time» in FrenchHas writing «Ankunftszeit» or «Arrival time» in German
You need to set the time when you plan to leave the parking lotYou need to set the time when you arrived in the parking lot

You can pay for parking through parking booths: there are tall boxes on every street where you can get a ticket and pay for the parking time. You can pay with a special token or a Minicash e-card. In some places, you can use your phone to pay for the lot via the Call2Park service. To use it, you have to send a text message with your car plate number and your bank card number.

Popular parking locations in Luxembourg near you

Some of the most popular locations are located downtown, near shopping centers and tourist attractions. Parking in the center of Luxembourg can be especially expensive during rush hours, similar to tourist areas. As for shopping malls, most of them offer enough parking spaces and they usually cost less than parking in Luxembourg City center.

Shopping malls

Actually, there are various shopping centers in Luxembourg, all of which offer lots of parking spaces. We have covered this in detail in the guide article on shopping in Luxembourg.

  1. Auchan

    The Kirchberg area has both underground and outdoor parking in the Auchan shopping center. The prices range depending on the location, with an average of 1 to 2 euros per hour.

  2. Cloche d'Or

    This shopping mall is equipped with a parking lot for 2,850 cars. The first 3 hours on weekdays and 5 hours on weekends are free regardless of purchases. Prices vary from 1 to 2 euros per hour.

Luxembourg City Center Parking

You can leave your car near the central squares of the city.

  1. Place de l”Europe

    One of the main plazas of Luxembourg has a parking lot with 1,324 parking stalls. Parking costs 1.60 euros per hour and 30 euros per day.

  2. Place d'Armes

    The historical square is located in the city center. There are both underground and on-street parking. Parking prices in the Place d'Armes area depend on the location, but the average cost is 2 to 4 euros per hour. The average per-day parking price can be around 25 euros.

Tourist Attractions

The majority of these places offer their own parking, but the fees may be higher than in other locations.

  1. Luxembourg City History Museum

    This museum (Musée d'histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg) is located in the old part of Luxembourg City, on Rue Saint-Esprit. Car drivers can use the underground parking lot. The prices for parking in the museum usually range from 2 to 4 euros per hour, with an average of about 25 euros per day.

  2. The Grand Ducal Palace

    There is a Knuedler parking center for 350 cars next to this attraction. The cost varies depending on the time of stay and the time of day. For example, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., a 15-minute stay will cost you 50 cents, while a 3-hour stay will cost 6 euros; but starting from 5 p.m. to 7 a.m., car owners will pay 40 euros for every 30 minutes of parking.

Free parking in Luxembourg

Although paid parking is considered more usual in Luxembourg, there are still a few places where you can leave your car for free.

Some of the free parking lots in Luxembourg:

  • P + R Kirchberg: free parking with 140 lots.
  • P + R Kockelsheuer: free parking with 567 lots.
  • Bonnevoie and Beggen train stations. Free parking for up to 24 hours is available in both.
  • Merl Park — the urban park offers free parking during the day.

The amount of free parking spaces in Luxembourg is very limited, especially in popular areas, so sometimes it might be hard to find a parking lot nearby.

Partially free parking

  • A parking center near Glacis is located near the city center, has 1,237 spots, and provides free parking on weekends and holidays.
  • You can also leave your car in the Luxexpo parking lot. It has 900 places, and the parking is free for the first 2 hours. In case you need to leave your car for 3 hours, you will need to pay 1 euro. Each hour over that time will cost you 3 euros. Luxexpo address: 10 Circuit de La Foire Internationale, 1347 Luxembourg
  • The Luxembourg Airport Parking can accommodate up to 250 cars. The first 15 minutes are free of charge, but more and more increasing after that time: 30 minutes will cost you 2,5 euros, a full day — 65 euros, 2 days — 130 euros, and 3 days — 195 euros.


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