How to obtain a student visa in Luxembourg in 2024

A journey of education in Luxembourg is an exciting prospect, and understanding the process of obtaining a student visa is key to a smooth transition. This comprehensive article covers crucial aspects that prospective students need to know.

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The Grand Duchy's universities are not only honored in the rankings, but are also known for their kind attitude and focus on the global community, expats and supporting students from other countries. No wonder that the matter of obtaining a Luxembourg student visa remains popular. So let's tackle it.

How many people come to Luxembourg to study?

Let's first examine the influx of individuals choosing Luxembourg as their country to obtain education and start a career. Over the past decade, a discernible upward trend is evident, with the number of students increasing steadily, though not without a wobble.

students came to Luxembourg in 2013 
students came during COVID in 2020
students came to Luxembourg in 2022 

When viewed in the context of the European Union, Luxembourg's student immigration numbers are relatively low. This is partly due to the country's small size, which leads to a smaller selection of study programs and university institutions compared to other European nations.

Luxembourg's high living standards come with substantial living costs, impacting students differently. For those working in the country, the high salaries often offset these expenses. However, students who rely on family support or part-time work face challenges due to these costs. Consequently, the expense of living in Luxembourg significantly influences the decisions and experiences of students studying there.

Main requirements for a student visa in Luxembourg

When applying for a student visa in Luxembourg, it's essential to be thorough and well-prepared. This involves gathering the necessary documents and understanding the application process.

Being enrolled to the university
Prooving financial resources for living in Luxembourg

Understanding and fulfilling these stringent requirements is fundamental to a successful student visa application in Luxembourg, ensuring a smooth transition into the enriching educational landscape of this vibrant nation.

How to apply for a student visa in Luxembourg?

Student visa in Luxembourg 2023
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Having explored the primary requirements for students visa in Luxembourg in 2023, let's delve into the procedure of obtaining it. 

The process unfolds in two stages: the first is conducted from the country of origin before entry into Luxembourg, and the second is initiated once you've arrived in the country.

While staying in your home country

When you come from a different country, that is not associated with EU, for example, you want to recieve Luxembourg student visa from India or Pakistan, you will need to go through procedure of applying for a residency. The first step in pursuing your academic journey in Luxembourg involves the application for a temporary residence permit, which, for certain individuals, includes obtaining a type D visa.

Apply for a temporary residence permit
Obtain visa D to enter the country

When you come to Luxembourg

The second stage, once you've entered Luxembourg, involves three essential steps: making an arrival declaration, undergoing a medical examination, and applying for a student residence permit.

Declare your arrival in the commune
Undergo medical check
Recieve your student residency permit (titre de sejour)

Is it possible to work part-time as a student in Luxembourg?

A notable advantage of the student residence permit is the opportunity it provides for employment under certain conditions. Students can engage in employment for a maximum of 15 hours per week on average over one month. It's important to note that this restriction doesn't apply to paid work during school holidays, research work conducted at a higher education institution or an authorized research entity for a Ph.D., or contracts for employment with assistants at the University of Luxembourg.

Employers also are required to inform the Immigration Department in writing within 3 business days from the first day of work, specifying the student's identity, the start date of the employment relationship, and the employer's identity. This nuanced framework allows students in Luxembourg to balance their academic pursuits with valuable work experiences, contributing to a well-rounded educational journey.

Where a student can work during the breaks and the year in Luxembourg
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