Registration in the commune in Luxembourg

In this article, we will have a look at the registration procedure in a commune in Luxembourg.

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To do so, you have to notify  the commune - these are different local neighborhoods with their own names and administration.

Within 3 days after moving to Luxembourg you have to come to the local administration with following documents:

Valid travelling documents

For example, a passport with entry stamps

Proof of residence — a long term rental agreement. 

However, if you have an employment contract for 4 years, the rental agreement is not necessarily supposed to be for the same duration. But Airbnb accommodation is not suitable, unless it is a long-term rental and you can prove it.

Authorization to stay

The original papers of the residence permit approval that you received prior to your arrival in Luxembourg.

Marriage and birth certification

In case you arrive with a spouse and children, the marriage certificate and the children's birth certificates.

In order to register at the place of residence you will need to come to the commune center in person. Apply your documents in person at your chosen commune center during working hours. After the application is processed, the staff member will give you:


The social security number (i.e. matricule) that consists of your date of birth in year-month-day format and five other digits.

Declaration of Arrival

This paper serves as a work permit and permission to stay in Luxembourg until an official residence permit is issued.

An official list of communes and their sites can be found at


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the deadline for registering with the commune

What will happen if you register later

Can I register in the commune online

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