34 days of remote work for cross-border workers. Is it enough?

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34 days of remote work for cross-border workers. Is it enough?

Cross-border workers from France will be able to work 34 days a year in the Grand Duchy without leaving their home country. This was announced by the Ministry of Finance of Luxembourg.

The decision was jointly made by the ministers of economy of the two countries. The officials met in Paris to discuss the consequences of the war in Ukraine and the new challenges facing European taxation.

Previously, cross-border workers from France could only work remotely 29 days a year. After exceeding this limit, their labor was again subject to French, and not Luxembourg taxes.

But from January 1 next year, the limit will increase by 5 days. Soon the countries will jointly sign the corresponding amendment to their tax agreement. And 117 000 workers will be able to work in slightly more comfortable conditions.

Are 34 days a year enough for cross-border workers? This summer in Luxembourg, petition for 100 yearly days of telework gained traction. It passed the limit for consideration in Parliament (4500 signatures) in two days. In general, it was signed by more than 14 thousand people, including a lot of French workers.

However, a similar petition in France gained only 2500 signatures. This means that even if the Grand Duchy supports this initiative of a 100 days of remote work, the measure will not apply to French cross-border workers. This requires tax and labor laws to be changed in both countries.

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