4 out of 10 employees are ready to resign due to travel time

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4 out of 10 employees are ready to resign due to travel time

Such data is provided by the portal, referring to the results of a recent survey. What can motivate employees to leave their jobs in Luxembourg?

The respondents indicated 3 main reasons:

  • Long road, which is becoming an unbearable burden for employees in Luxembourg, almost half of whom live outside the country — 39%
  • Decrease in salary attractiveness — 35%
  • Restrictions of remote work — 16%

“These responses offer recruiters interesting indicators as they allow to better understand national challenges in terms of attracting talent,” Arthur Melman, CEO of, as quoted by Paperjam.

But is there something that attracts talent to the Grand Duchy?

6 out of 10 respondents named the attractiveness of wages as the main incentive. With a large margin of 2 positions was the opportunity for career growth (18%), followed by the international environment (9%).

Thus, the issue of mobility is the most acute one for employees. But the decline in salary attractiveness is only 4% behind. The importance of decent remuneration remains and seems to be exacerbated by rising energy prices, which also affect the transport costs for workers.

When faced with a job offer, 81% of respondents say that the salary is the most important element for considering. Its importance far outstrips factors such as corporate culture (60%) and issues of diversity and inclusion (42%).

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Source: Delano

Authors: Danila

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