70% of employees want more remote work

Many attempts have been made to measure the effectiveness of remote work. So far, they have not been successful due to the difficulty in communication between companies and analysts. In addition, it is impossible to take any specific indicators as a basis metric. This is partly why the notion persists that remote work harms productivity.

70% of employees want more remote work

However, 48% of companies noted that their performance has not changed in any way after the shift to remote work. Another 26% noted an increase in productivity and only 22% noted a decline. It turns out that while many companies say that remote work is harmful, 75% of employers want to make it permanent.

This also correlates well with the desires of employees: 70% of ordinary workers would like to work remotely more. For the managerial staff the percentage is much smaller at only 35%.

Obviously, this format has both pros and cons. However, strengthening the former and smoothing out the latter is the task of those organizations that plan the transition and not their employees.

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