Bank of London to set up base in Luxembourg

The Bank of London has officially applied for an EU license. This license will allow the financial organization to operate in a common commercial and economic area, which can be advantageous for the Bank itself as well as for the EU countries.

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The headquarters of the new division will be in Luxembourg. The choice of country is expected and justified. The Grand Duchy is considered the financial centre of Europe, and many credit institutions are based here. The arrival of another major technological player only underlines the advantage of the country's ecosystem.

However, the Bank of London must meet certain conditions in order to develop its business. The first is that the company undertakes to invest 200 million euros in the Grand Duchy and other EU countries. The second condition is that it will be necessary to create at least 300 jobs, which will include positions of different order and importance: from ordinary to managerial.

The Bank of London is known for actively protecting its clients' investments. The Bank of London makes its money out of its digital clearing ecosystem. The bank makes its money from its digital clearing ecosystem. In other words, it takes responsibility for organizing a system of mutual payment settlement. It helps to simplify and speed up interbank transactions.

Entrepreneur Anthony Watson founded the Bank of London in 2021. According to the Evening Standard Tech Rich List, Watson's net worth at the time was 307 million pounds.

The Bank of London presents itself as the world's first cutting-edge technology company, global clearing, agency and transaction bank. It is said that the company uses unique technologies for diversity opportunities for economic and social development.

The partners of the Bank of London are banks, clearing houses, digital and traditional asset firms. Bank of London's headquarters is located in London and also the company has offices in New York, Charlotte and Belfast.