OECD will change the strategy of lifelong learning

The national strategy for professional development is designed to cover Luxembourg's labor market needs. Currently, the country is experiencing an alarming shortage of human resources. For example, the trade sector lacks at least 3,800 employees.

OECD will change the strategy of lifelong learning

Another compounding factor is the aging of the population, both in Luxembourg itself and in the Greater Region, which remains the main source of labor.

The OECD, therefore, set four priorities for the Grand Duchy:

  • Provide learning opportunities for adults, including inclusive learning, that meet the demands of the labor market;
  • Encourage the development of skills that the country needs;
  • Improve working conditions to attract and retain international talent;
  • Organize clear management and control over the allocation of skills within the country.

An indirect problem causing labor shortages is the crisis in the housing market. The inaccessibility of rent for most applicants makes them look for work in other countries.