10 new terraces in Luxembourg for you to relax comfortably at

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10 new terraces in Luxembourg for you to relax comfortably at

To brighten up your day after the working hours or on weekends, it’s not necessary to go to a remote commune or deep into the forest. You can sit on a cozy terrace in a city cafe and enjoy a moment of calm amidst life’s whirlwind. So, we have found 10 new spots for you.


The main advantage of this place is its double terrace. And it’s decorated with street art. From here you have a great view of the street, and everything is complemented by an exquisite menu at very affordable prices.

Address: 2, Place de Nancy, Luxembourg(Belair), T. 26 45 88 80

Bella Ciao

Signature cocktails and Italian cuisine on Monterey Boulevard. A terrace with a great view will take you out of the city’s hustle and bustle. Be sure to try!

Address: 3, avenue Monterey, Luxembourg (city centre), T. 26 20 16 70

Flyte Alors!

This dining bar only opened in May 2022 but quickly became popular. This is a kind of calm corner in the busy heart of the capital. By the way, this spot has a great champagne card. So if you want to celebrate a small celebration — you are here.

Address: 2, Grand-Rue, Luxembourg (city centre), T. 22 17 57


A restaurant well-known to many Luxembourgers. Of course, this is not a novelty, but starting on September 12 there will be a new chef, so it’s worth trying the updated menu. The classic 60 canopies that will save you from heat and bad weather. Add a beautiful view of Europe Square and the recipe for a great time is ready.

Address: 1, place de l’Europe, T. 27 99 06 66

Comptoir Boheme

One of the main advantages of this place is that it’s located right on the water. The peaceful atmosphere is complemented by an exquisite interior design and a fairly varied menu.

Address: 2A, rue Eugène Ruppert, Luxembourg (Cloche d’Or), T. 20 60 48 98 41


This terrace is located inside the building. However, large windows visually expand the space. At some point, the line between the street and the room is erased. But here it is easy to hide from the wind and try always fresh meat and seafood dishes.

Address: 268, route d’Arlon, Strassen


The most prominent place of all listed thus far. The most intense and interesting celebrations usually take place here. This spot is just huge and covered with sand, so after a delicious dinner you can walk between the torches and briefly return to summertime.

Address: 31 Biergerkraeiz, Bridel/Kopstal, T. 33 82 43


Another spot that allows guests to escape from the bustle of the city and have a quiet lunch in a strict, but rather stylish atmosphere. The chef’s dishes will not leave anyone indifferent, and the frescoes by Eric Mangen will complement the surroundings.

Address: 12, rue Henri M. Schnadt, Luxembourg (Cloche d’Or), T. 28 84 53 1


NYX offers varied cuisine and a large sun terrace where you can enjoy your favorite meals. A large selection of Mediterranean wines will be the excellent final chord for your dinner.

Address: 13, boulevard du Jazz, Esch-Belval, T. 20 80 01 61

Cafe Saga

Nestled comfortably between the blast furnaces and Esch’s cultural whirlwind. The cafe offers visitors an original daily menu and great entertainment.

Address: 6, avenue des Hauts Fourneaux, Esch-Belval, T. 26 44 16 94

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