15 000 households received free energy saving kits

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15 000 households received free energy saving kits

Enovos has launched an unprecedented promotion by giving Luxembourgers free energy saving kits for the upcoming winter. The main principle in choosing components for a set is that they shouldn’t require special knowledge to use and must provide a level of comfort comparable to that before their use.

Enovos free kits include:

  • two aerator faucets
  • a shower flow controller
  • a shower hourglass
  • three LED lamps
  • a room thermometer
  • a roll of insulating sealant for doors and windows
  • an dhesive pad for door

Despite its simplicity, the kit will save up to 59 m³ of water, up to 3706 kWh of energy and reduce CO2 emissions by 329 kg per year. Its efficiency is confirmed by the energy supplier himself. A second wave of aid is now being prepared with another 15 000 free energy saving kits. This is still not enough to provide for all 280 000 households in the country, but it’s a start.

The action itself is fully funded by the Enoprimes program and covers 18 communes.

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