Doghunters remain unpunished

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Doghunters remain unpunished

Residents of Kehlen reported dog baiting near the d'Olm forest cemetery for another time last year. The municipality and the police are taking measures, but they are not enough. Since November 2022, the situation has not changed, the perpetrators have not been found or punished.

Now there are sausages with pieces of meat scattered in the grass, and the community is asking for caution and care for the dogs, not allowing them to run unattended. The only thing left to do is to rely on one's own strength.

When walking your pet, remember basic safety rules

  1. Wear a muzzle, even if your dog is trained not to pick up food in the street.
  2. If possible, inspect the area you are walking in advance.
  3. Do not allow your pet to run off-leash without supervision.
  4. Make sure your dog doesn't try to dig or sniff suspicious objects.

Sausages and pieces of meat with nails and blades are some of the most popular traps that cause unbearable suffering to the animal. Poisoned baits are also caught. If the dog eats one of these, the count will go on for minutes and much will depend on how long ago the animal last fed.

In any case, the animal should be secured if possible and not allowed to make any sudden movements, run, jump or play. Take the dog to the nearest animal hospital.

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed protection against swallowing bait, so be as careful as possible when walking in dangerous areas. Unfortunately, not all people value the lives of animals. We can only hope that the police will be able to catch the culprit or culprits, as it is not clear whether it is one person hunting four-legged creatures or a whole team of animal abusers.

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