Free-of-charge European school enrolls additional classes, admission open

This year, the first free-of-charge European school, the Gaston Thorn School, will open in Luxembourg. Even before the start of the first academic year, more than 300 people signed up for its primary school’s first classes. Due to such popularity, the school opens a set of two additional classes for admission. This was announced during a recent interview.

Free-of-charge European school enrolls additional classes, admission open

Classes will initially be held in English and French. Classes in German will start later during the 2022-2023 academic year. Children will also be taught their native Luxembourgish. As well as other languages. And all the classes one needs to continue studies in Europe after secondary school.

Primary classes this year will study in Cessange, secondary school classes will be located on the Geesseknäppchen campus in Merl. A year or two later, Gaston Thorn’s school will completely move to Limpertsberg campus.

This free-of-charge European school is a great opportunity for both children and parents. This year graduates of such schools have shown much higher results during graduation exams. Previously, such a curriculum was taught almost exclusively for a substantial fee in institutions such as the Lycée Michel Lucius, the Athénée in Merl or the European School in Kirchberg.

But even those who do not get into the school of Gaston Thorne should not lose heart. In the future, Luxembourg plans to open at least two more free-of-charge European schools.

You can fill a letter of admission for your child on the school website. The application must be completed in English, French or German.

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