Gas prices to rise: forecasts of price increases confirmed by the Minister for Energy

Gas prices to rise: forecasts of price increases confirmed by the Minister for Energy

Today Minister for Energy Claude Thurmet confirmed in his twitter that the price of gas will rise soon. Energy supplier Enovos is about to seriously raise gas rates, according to the minister. Türme believes the company will be quickly followed by other major players in the industry.

Minister acknowledged that such a price increase is a heavy burden for people and businesses. And he warned that a tough winter awaits Luxembourg. Therefore, he believes, the state should help as much as it can. Not just continue to issue temporary subsidies for gas. But create new measures to help those most affected.

It’s not just Luxembourg that’s getting ready for winter. European Commission President Ursula von der Leinen recently announced an energy market reform. Preparations for it have already begun. According to the president, the modern system of agreements in this area was created for other purposes. And it is completely unsuitable for solving modern problems.

For example, the new reform will allow the consumer to buy electricity generated by windmills or solar panels cheaper. Now all electricity prices in the region are formed taking into account gas prices. Regardless of how the energy received by the end consumer was produced. If the reform takes place, it will radically change the consumption of electricity in Europe.

What kind of price increase should Luxembourgers expect? Claude Thurmet did not make official statements. But the forecasts he has partially confirmed have promised that gas will almost double in price.